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Been thinking about this game a lot lately and miss playing it. I don't have any of my games or systems anymore, so I sometimes hop on the wiki to read some of the articles I wrote about Destiny, Destiny 2, and Rebirth. Had so much fun playing these older titles, more so than most of the newer ones (Abyss still holds a special place in my heart, and Berseria was a good time). Was sifting through articles and came across this page, which made me remember how well these characters were drawn and designed. I've always loved and preferred these elemental representatives over Spirits, but ultimately I consider them different. You don't see art like this often anymore. Mutsumi Inomata is a treasure.

Arosia (talk) 01:08, May 25, 2020 (UTC)

I do the same sometimes, with a lot of the other older contents I can relate with. I really can't get back into the series anymore and haven't actually played anything since Graces, but all of the old classics still bring back fond memories even if I can never relate with whatever new stuff is currently being released under the Tales label. This sentiment extends into other series I once enjoyed wholeheartedly; I am baffled that so many normals actually -like- Persona 5 while no one even remembers the glory days of MegaTen's Great Cataclysm timeline and era, and I can't wait for the Empire's arc in the Kiseki/Trails series to -finally- end so that jerkass harem-building MC can stop eating the scenes. Even modern iM@S can't compare to Mingosu's live performance of Yakusoku back in 2014. By this point I spend my time in quarantine just reading various otome villainess isekai stories and watching through my huge backlog of Acquisitions Incorporated C Team videos with my daughter while she is still too young to question and internalize the foul/lewd terms they use. I'm building up her love for tabletop games, roleplaying, and tentacles, like a good Mamako. Tehepero~
Also, thanks for missing my rants, I guess. And, to align this chat back on topic, it truly is a shame that Inomata doesn't do much else these days. Fujishima just recently started his Ah Megami-sama spinoff (with a particularly disappointing premise considering the way the series ended years ago), but Inomata has no other major outlets of exposure now. I think it might be good to get some new artists into this series to add more design variety, even as guest designers like Type-Moon does with Fate/Grand Order, and I would certainly have been more interested in recent games if someone like Pochi Iida had been the artist for Velvet and her otouto. It would certainly inspire a lot more oneeotou doujins, with Pochi's tendency to make tons of unlicensed (lewd) fanart for the works she is involved with.
Double-Hitting Mamako~ (talk) 14:17, May 29, 2020 (UTC)

It's difficult for me to get back into the series again as well. None of the newer additions seem to compare to the earlier titles, and although the graphics, visuals, and performance have all improved over time, I wholeheartedly prefer and adore PlayStation 2 sprites and aesthetics. I have to separate the newer titles from the classics in my mind because they're too different. I accept them and will acknowledge Berseria steering the series in a better direction, but I can't bring myself to love them or even hold much of an interest in them. I also dislike the mobile titles. Nothing quite resembles the affection I held for the originals when I first played through them.

I always admired you during my early days of editing, and my progression toward becoming an admin myself was entirely inspired by your work and contributions to the wiki. I liked the iron fist thing, not backing down, paragraphs of well-written (sometimes ranting) information because it provided some lols while simultaneously being damn near impossible to argue against. Early on in my adminship, I molded myself after you, then gradually found my center. I've always admired and appreciated the fully-fleshed out thoughts, opinions, and arguments you've scattered across the wiki's talk pages. Those conversations and edit histories are a backbone of the wiki.

Anyway, back on topic. I so regret getting rid of all my guides and art books associated with my faves. I've considered finding them online and ordering them again as a means of solidifying the admiration and fond memories. Moving and traveling all over the country, then becoming engaged, provided me with some new, beautiful chapters in life, but quarantine boredom has partially sucked me back in to the wiki in a more casual way. Who knows if it will stick or not. Just happy to see it's still afloat and all the stuff I did is still there.

Arosia (talk) 04:58, June 1, 2020 (UTC)

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