Questions to Eleanor and a trivia point

Hey, hey.

Concerning the last edit: When is it stated that Eleanor becomes a shepherd? I guess it is possible that it was stated outside of the game. But if not, it is just pure speculation.

And concering the trivia point: "It is stated in Tales of Zestiria, that the very first Shepherd, became the first Lord of Calamity, this contradicts the story of Tales of Berseria, however, when it is stated that Velvet is the first Lord of Calamity."
Where is it stated? If it is in a skit, does someone know the specific name of the skit? I can't remember that is is told anywhere in Tales of Zestiria. (By the way, it isn't stated that Velvet is the first Lord of Calamity either. It could simply be a historical term that is re-used by the Abbey.)

Combatir (talk) 16:44, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

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