Theres been a recent patch on TotW3 that translates all the attacks. Is it good for posting or not since its specifically 1 person's own trans'

This game is not localized.
We do not use fan translations on this wiki. We can display them if we label the patch trans names clearly, specifically stating that these are translated names by Kajitani Eizan, ChangeV, Phantasian Productions, Absolute Zero, DeJap Translations, Nocturnal Creations, am I missing any? By "label clearly", I mean, mention it in the descriptions as a term used by a fan translation project, and DO NOT list it as if it was used officially in any localization, especially since such a localization will never exist.
Shikkuu Rensatsuken and Zankuu Tenshouken will never have an English translation, unless Radiant Mythology 2 receives a localization.
Seriously, goddamn. I won't even bother to wait for you to undo your changes. Shouldn't you know better than to put names that are found on a translation patch!? Or have I not bitched enough on this subject?
Mayu Miyuki 02:50, 4 May 2009 (UTC)
Edit: I did miss one translation group. Although I dread the day people find themselves brainwashed to believe Veigue somehow has a "Sword Rain: Alpha", it's their decision to (tentatively) translate Renjin Ryuueijin that way, since it does not interfere with Namco or other official groups. But with this example (and many others that I don't need to mention from other groups), does it make sense to you now why we should not use fan translations here?
Interpretations can be different, especially if you have material that you want to translate in a certain way that may not be congruent with what is already localized, or if you want to translate things "in the same style" as Hometek's translations. Leaving untranslated things untranslated is the most neutral approach anyone can have, and this is my stand for this wiki. If there is no corresponding term in localized English media, then we will not pretend that one exists by making one up, or by using a name that someone else made up. It's as simple as that, and hopefully I won't have to see this happen again for the n-th time.
Mayu Miyuki 03:28, 4 May 2009 (UTC)

Didn't mean change the entire arte! Just for posting on his arte list since it is said in the game. (as at least an unlocalized name that is used in that game) Different names always pop up in different games, even minors like Fierce Demon Fang - Fierced Demon Fang, Indignate Judgment - Indignant Judgment.

I do understand about fan-translations, there millions that argue, change, etc. Ive already disagreed on some of the translations from the patch, although I dont do much arguing in anything.

The only fan-translation I support using on this wiki is DeJap's SFC Phantasia, simply because of how widespread it was. And please don't make me redo all those pages. Lanate (talk) 07:30, 4 May 2009 (UTC)
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