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The Ancient Tower, Tarqaron (古代塔市 タルカロン Kodaitoushi Tarukaron?) is a city-made-weapon that was located underneath Aspio until Duke Pantarei resurrects it in Tales of Vesperia. It serves as the location for the last dungeon of the story. When Tarqaron arises, it crushes and destroys Aspio. Through her connection with the Spirits, Estelle learns that Tarqaron is a weapon powered by mana, and Duke plans to take it away from the human population of Terca Lumireis, using it to destroy the Adephagos and ensuring it would never appear again. The group makes their way to Tarqaron to stop Duke and perform the Spirit conversion to destroy the Adephagos themselves.


Tarqaron itself mostly resembles the city it once was. The only exception is a large blue room that occupies most of Tarqaron's interior. The room is full of technology left over from the Geraios Civilization and contains an extremely large apatheia that powers Tarqaron. At the top of Tarqaron is a garden, where a person can control the tower's weapon. It is here where the group confronts Duke.


Throughout the course of the story, Tarqaron remains buried beneath Aspio in the mountains of Ilyccia until Alexei Dinoia's actions at Zaude cause the Adephagos to reappear in the world. Duke revives Tarqaron using Dein Nomos and plans to use it as a weapon to fully destroy the Adephagos at the cost of the entire human population. Because Khroma told Yuri Lowell and the group earlier that Duke had lost his faith in humanity, the group sets out to the tower to prove him wrong. After clearing through Tarqaron's apatheia core and ancient city, they finally enter the main tower only to confront Zagi in a spacious chamber. Zagi seals the path ahead in order to force Yuri to duel against him one final time, and after a long fight and several encounters beforehand, Zagi is finally killed and falls to his death as he receives a fatal wound from Yuri.

With no more interruptions, the group continues to the top of the tower to confront Duke. When the group explains the method of Spirit conversion, Duke asks them if they would save the world for the selfish desires of humans. He proceeds to tell the group of Tarqaron's true purpose. The Geraios built Tarqaron in order to destroy the Entelexeia, who attacked the blastia to stop the Adephagos from appearing. The Geraios would not listen to the Entelexeia until such a calamity actually occurred. The group asks him if this is what Elucifer wished for, provoking Duke to fight the group. After a long and enduring fight, Duke is defeated but survives to watch Yuri prove his methods wrong. By combining the power of the Spirits from all blastia cores and Dein Nomos, as well as a little help from Duke himself, Yuri succeeds in destroying the Adephagos and saves the world from destruction. The group then faces the realization that they must cope with a new world void of blastia for many generations to come.

Other Appearances[]

Project X Zone and Project X Zone 2[]

Tarqaron appears in the crossover role-playing game Project X Zone. The floating city appears above the setting of Paris as portrayed in Sakura Taisen 3: Paris wa Moeteiru ka? at the conclusion of Chapter 34. In order to reach Tarqaron proper, the PXZ team separates into three parties loaded into capsules to be launched by the Revolver Cannon toward it. During Chapter 37, Yuri, Estelle, and Flynn Scifo, along with a few others, arrive in the same chamber where they fought Zagi for the last time and encounter the game's main villainess, Due Flabellum, along with Vile from Mega Man X. After some verbal browbeating from Yuri, X, and Zero, the team works together to defeat the insane Maverick. Yuri alludes to Zagi, mentioning that he too had met his end in the chamber and did not want to be reminded of him due to Vile's obsession with X. Much to his chagrin, Zagi would later be met by Yuri and company at the same exact area in Project X Zone 2.