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The Tartarus as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

The Tartarus (タルタロス?) is a land dreadnought belonging to the Malkuth Empire and commanded by Colonel Jade Curtiss of the Malkuth Imperial Forces. It is a large, white boat with gold accents that is capable of traveling over land and sea.


The Tartarus is first seen chasing the Dark Wings across Rotelro Bridge, which they detonate, cutting off the land dreadnought's pursuit. Once Jade joins Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants, it serves as one of the primary modes of transportation for a while. The Tartarus was created and exported from Sheridan to Malkuth. It is equipped with fontech-based weaponry, highly suitable for war. Levitation and propulsion is provided by a fonic glyph at the base of the landship using the fifth fonon of Fire. It has the ability to create a strong fonic barrier that can endure attacks from enemies.

Through the aid of Sheridan's Class I and Belkend's Class M, the group modifies the landship to be capable of nullifying the planet core's vibration, which was found to be responsible for the liquefied state of the Qliphoth. This was caused by a distortion that developed in the Planet Storm. Van Grants attempts to sink the Tartarus, knowing that silencing the core's vibration interferes with his goals. He sends the God-Generals Sync and Legretta to accomplish this.

Luke and the others prevent Legretta from killing them in Sheridan, but Sync manages to sneak aboard the ship. Upon reaching the core, Sync shows himself and initiates a fight with the group. He loses, causing his mask to fall off in the process. This reveals that Sync and Ion are both replicas of the previous Fon Master. After refusing the group's offer to join them, he feigns his death, falling into the core. Later in the story, Van creates a replica version of Eldrant using the Tartatus as its core, although it continues to act as a stabilizing force. During the final assault on the new Eldrant, the Tartarus is destroyed, sending Eldrant into the sea. As the Planet Storm is neutralized by this point, the Tartarus is no longer needed.