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Tekt Tourmaline
Tekt Tourmaline (ToH-R).png
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Residences Layve
Race Organican
Occupation •Prince of the Maximus Empire (formerly)
•Doctor (currently)
Weapon Soma (Cane)
Japanese Voice Actor Hideyuki Tanaka

Tekt Tourmaline (テクタ・ド・レ Tekuta Do Re?, "Tekta de Rais") is a supporting character in Tales of Hearts. He is the former prince of the Maximus Empire, having disappeared and become a doctor.


In the early days of his youth, Tekt was constantly running away from home on adventures. However, he was also a thug who chucked his Soma around whenever the mood struck him. One night, he started a bar fight involving Kardia Meteor and her father Sydan Meteor, who beat him to a pulp. After the fight, they explained that his father, the emperor Zirconia Tourmaline, was under the control of Creed Graphite. Reeling from the beating and the words, Tekt was caught off guard when Kardia promised to help him restore his father.

From then on, Tekt fought with the Meteors, Labrodor Akerman, and Iola Hearts, the last being the vessel for Creed's archrival Lithia Spodumene. He eventually earned the party's trust enough to learn the Meteors' original arte Meteoric Iron. One day, however, the battle took a turn for the worst when Creed ambushed them on a ship docked near a town. Despite their best efforts, none of them could defeat Creed, who shattered Iola's Spiria to render Lithia immobile. Enraged, the rest of the party cast an arte to hold Creed in place. Lithia, who managed to survive via Iola's unborn child, amplified the arte to give them more time. But before they could even do anything, Incarose dropped in and knocked them all flat. In an attempt to change hosts, Creed turned his attention to Kardia and targeted her unborn child, knocking her into the water. Sydan and Tekt quickly dove in and pulled Kardia out of the water, but they discovered that the deed had been done, and Kardia had lost her emotions. Even worse, Creed's previous vessel, Zirconia, was rendered a shell of the man he used to be. During the battle with Incarose, Tekt's Soma broke, rendering him useless.

Consumed by grief, Sydan attempted many times to kill the baby and Creed with him. But Kardia, still retaining her love for her child, protected them, whispering that their Spiria would not lose. After she gave birth to a boy named Kor, all Kardia could do to care for her son was to sing to him and caress him with gentle hands. To prepare him for the journey ahead, Sydan makes the decision to raise the boy in secret. Meanwhile, Tekt went into hiding in Layve with his father as a doctor.

Seventeen years later, Kor would find Tekt alongside Iola's kids, Hisui and Kohaku, Labrodor's son, Chalcedony, and Lithia, who has managed to restore her body. Deciding only they can end the war their parents participated in, Tekt teaches Kor the Meteoric Iron arte and gives him his broken Soma.

Appearance and Personality

Tekt is a middle-aged man with long, blue hair and eyes. Due to being distant from his father for most of his life, Tekt does not know what Zirconia was truly like, let alone hear him call his name even once.