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Tempest Clash (巻空鏡舞 Kankuukyoubu?, "Reel Sky Mirror Dance") is a Wind-elemental linked arte in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2.

Arte Description and History

Jude Mathis and Leia Rolando both charge wind energy before dashing through their target, kicking up a large whirlwind. This arte combines both users' Soaring Vortex artes into a single, more powerful version.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Xillia

Japanese Description: 敵を挟んだ二人が同時に巻空旋をすることで敵を大きく 投げ飛ばす共鳴武身技。鏡に写したかのような動き。