Aselia Wiki

This template is a generic template for lore data navboxes.


Required Parameters
Parameter Field Name Description
media Media Name The name of the media for this template.
Optional Parameters
Parameter Field Name Description
title Title The title of the template, should it differ from the Media parameter.
template_list Template List A list of additional templates/links for this media. Defaults to the template for the abbreviation.
input_parameter Input Parameter The input parameter for open specific groups.
Specific Section Headers
games Games A list of games for this setting.
minigames Minigames Minigames for this setting.
slot_machines Slot Machines Slot machines for this setting.
anime Animation Animations for this setting.
books Books Books such as novels or support material for this setting.
comics Comics Comics such as manga for this setting.
stage_plays Stage Plays Stage plays for this setting.
soundtracks Soundtracks Soundtracks for this setting.
terms Terminology In-universe terminology for this setting.
technology Technology In-universe technology for this setting.
weapons Weapons In-universe weapons for this setting.
transportation Transportation In-universe transportation for this setting.
races Races In-universe races for this setting.
events Events In-universe events for this setting.
other Other A list of uncategorized links.