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This template will add a collapsible navigation box with links for all data related to the game. Additionally, this template will add articles into their proper game category.


All uses will add the template and categorize the page in Category:Tales of Crestoria data unless the "cat" parameter is set to "game" for Category:Tales of Crestoria or "n" for not categorization. Additional parameters will allow the appropriate section to be opened automatically when a page is loaded. Any setting with "Artes" or "Units" will categorize into Category:Tales of Crestoria arte lists or Category:Tales of Crestoria unit lists respectively.

  • {{ToCrestoria}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Original Units}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Original Artes}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Tales Units}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Items}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|System}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Beta|Original Units}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Beta|Original Artes}}
  • {{ToCrestoria|Beta|Tales Units}}