{{TotR Arte List/Arte
General Parameters
Parameter Field Name Description
unlocalized Unlocalized If the arte is unlocalized. Set to "y" if the arte is unlocalized on a page that has localizations.
name Name Name of the arte. Use Template:Arte.
enabled Enabled Effects If the arte has any enabled effects, mainly Aerial, Knockback, Launch, Knockdown, Break, to be listed in that order.
element Element Element of the arte. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, or "-" for none.
power Power Power of the arte.
power_max Power Max Power of the arte after all enhancements
healing Healing Is the arte mainly a healing arte?
max_hits Max Hits Maximum number of hits.
type Type Type of the arte: Slash, Shot, Bash, Spell.
casttime Casting Time Casting time for the arte in second. Use "-" if the arte has no casting time.
casttime_max Casting Time Max Casting time of the arte after all enhancements
cc CC Cost CC Cost of the arte
cc_max CC Cost Max CC cost of the arte after all enhancements
weapon Weapon Weapon that the arte is attached to
comments Comments Optional Parameter: Comments for the arte. Use asterisks to make a bulleted list.
master Master Arte Optional Parameter: The arte's associated master arte
chain Chain Optional Parameter: The ordinal number for the placement in the chain needed to use the master arte (e.g. fourth, fifth)
idle_move Idle or Moves Optional Parameter: Is the arte arte altered while standing still or while moving?
counter Counter Arte Optional Parameter: The arte's associated counter arte
up[1-6] Upgrade [1-6] The bonus associated [1-6]th upgrade
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