{{TotR Arte List/Master Arte
General Parameters
Parameter Field Name Description
unlocalized Unlocalized If the arte is unlocalized. Set to "y" if the arte is unlocalized on a page that has localizations.
name Name Name of the arte. Use Template:Arte.
element Element Element of the arte. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, or "-" for none.
power Power Power of the arte.
power_max Power Max Power of the arte after all enhancements
casttime Casting Time Casting time for the arte in second. Use "-" if the arte has no casting time.
casttime_max Casting Time Max Casting time of the arte after all enhancements
cc CC Cost CC Cost of the arte
cc_max CC Cost Max CC cost of the arte after all enhancements
original Original Arte The arte's original arte; the arte from which the master arte is used
chain Chain Optional Parameter: The ordinal number for the placement in the chain needed to use the master arte (e.g. fourth, fifth)
idle_move Idle or Moves Optional Parameter: Is the arte arte altered while standing still or while moving?
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