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>Also, is there a reason for the Etos/Albert line?

I generally tried to sort the chars in any template by group if possible. The other supporting chars that are listed here are the servants of Dhaos, whom one TSF/wiki user theorized to be some of the summon spirits of Derris-Kharlan who made a pact with Dhaos prior to the death of their world tree. I personally don't agree with the theory because Phantasia holds that Flambelk and Fen Beast are the guardians of the ruins of Odin and Fenrir, respectively, meaning they should have nothing to do with Dhaos. But they are all summons in the context of NariDan 1, along with the standard Aselia spirits. I guess they're more like summon beasts or summon demons or something of the sort. I put them together as supporting chars rather than spirits because they do pose psychoanalytical dilemmas directly to the player in the original game, which then influence the personalities of Mel and Dio. But this does awkwardly segment Ethos (the official spelling is silly) and that annoying talking closet thing onto their own line, since these two actively support the party by being useless additions to the remake.

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Mmkay. Was just curious is all.

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Are you referring to the player?

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Yeah, default name being Parent. Lanate (talk) 00:37, December 20, 2015 (UTC)