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Minor Characters

I don't know if this is just me, but I keep getting a lot of minor characters. Some of them not supporting, neither antagonists.

NDS123 (talk) 15:45, 1 April 2021 (UTC)
Supporting characters is our definition of minor characters. Lanate (talk) 14:33, 8 April 2021 (UTC)
On the flip side, please don't create pages for characters whose relevance can be summed up to one or two sentences. Lanate (talk) 15:10, 8 April 2021 (UTC)
I misspoke; I added the other characters section. However, the above line still stands. Lanate (talk) 15:13, 8 April 2021 (UTC)

That's all I really needed to hear.

NDS123 (talk) 15:24, 8 April 2021 (UTC)