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The Temple of Darkness is a dungeon in Tethe'alla that houses the Summon Spirit of Darkness, Shadow, in Tales of Symphonia.


Tales of Symphonia[]

When the group arrives at the temple in an attempt to form a pact with Shadow, they quickly realize the area is pitch-black and impossible to explore. They visit the Elemental Research Laboratory in Meltokio to obtain a special candle that has the ability to light any space and later return with it, gathering the fragments of Shadow in order to summon him in the deepest part of the dungeon, where they fight him. Sheena Fujibayashi then forms a pact with the spirit.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

After Tenebrae sacrifices himself to save Emil Castagnier, the group soon learns that Centurions never really die; rather, they go to Ratatosk in order to regain their strength. However, since Ratatosk is in a dormant state, they return to their core form and venture back to the temple that represents their element. In this case, Tenebrae's core returns to the Temple of Darkness, as he is the Centurion of Darkness. Emil, Marta Lualdi, and Sheena Fujibayashi visit the temple, where they meet Richter Abend and Aqua, who felt that a Centurion had transformed into its dormant state. Emil attempts to stop Richter with his Ain Soph Aur twice, but when Richter uses Eternal Recurrence to send the attack back at him, Marta jumps forth and is hit instead. Because of Ain Soph Aur's power, the temple crumbles, and when Emil wakens, he is alone with Tenebrae's core. He takes it with him and finds Marta.