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Temple of Earth
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Fooji Continent

The Temple of Earth is a cave in Tethe'alla that houses the Summon Spirit of Earth, Gnome, in Tales of Symphonia.


Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd Irving and his companions travel to the Temple of Earth in the northern region of the Fooji continent in an attempt to release the mana link between the Summon Spirits Gnome and Sylph. However, upon arriving at the temple's entrance, and in several areas of the temple itself, the group is frequently stopped by several Gnomelettes, residents of the temple. In order to reach the deepest part of the temple, the group must fulfill the demands from numerous Gnomelettes in order to reach Gnome's altar. After finally reaching Gnome's altar and communicating with the Summon Spirit, the group battles against Gnome, and Sheena Fujibayashi successfully forms a pact with him.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the group visits the Temple of Earth looking for another Centurion core, but a Martel knight stops them and informs that the temple was heavily damaged from the recent earthquakes, and that it is impossible to access the inner parts of the temple until the area is cleared of rubble. Sheena then proposes they go to the Temple of Lightning in the meanwhile and revisit the Temple of Earth later, to which the group agrees. While in the temple, Tenebrae suggests they hatch Glacies's core, which Marta Lualdi does. Emil Castagnier then collapses and is returned to Meltokio. The second time the group visits the temple, they are searching for Rilena and Decus since Tenebrae claims the temple is the place where the dimensional warp created by "Ratatosk Mode" Emil leads to.

At this point, Emil leaves his possessed form and is confused since he does not remember anything after fighting Decus in the Temple of Lightning, so the group brings him up to speed. Upon arrival, a Martel knight informs them that the repairs are finished, but that they found a woman in the inner parts of the temple. Emil and company decide to venture deeper into the temple to investigate. In the room where Gnome once was, a Martel knight helps Rilena, and the group rushes to her, relieved that nothing happened to her. She states that Decus went deeper into the temple before taking notice of Emil and remarks that she and Aster were very close, also claiming that she took over his research on Ratatosk when he did not return. Before leaving, she is asked if Aster had any physical marks that would make him recognizable, and she remembers that he had a star-shaped birthmark on his collarbone.

Emil confirms after she leaves that he has that mark on his neck, which would effectively make him Aster. Leaving this realization for later, the group decides to continue deeper into the temple so they can reach the Centurion Solum's altar. When they reach the altar, they find the core is gone, confirming Tenebrae's earlier suspicions. Decus is also nowhere to be found. They begin searching for a hidden door, and after a short minigame, a door appears. Marta then remarks on Emil's growth and remembers her earlier adventures with him, when they had found another secret door like this. Inside the secret door, the group finds a human-made tunnel with three caterpillar-like monsters. Upon noticing them, the monsters attack the group. After the battle, one monster remains and offers them a ride through the tunnel. Looking to pursue Decus, they agree. The tunnel leads into a part of the Toize Valley Mine.