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The Temple of Ice is a location near Flanoir that houses the Summon Spirit of Ice, Celsius, in Tales of Symphonia.


Tales of Symphonia[]

Upon arrival, the group enters the cave and discovers a new challenge for the Sorcerer's Ring. Soon, they reach a small lake. Lloyd Irving attempts to freeze the lake with the Sorcerer's Ring, but it is ineffective due to the high-pressured water. However, if they have the "Celsius's Tear", they will be able to properly freeze it. After successfully freezing the lake, the group slides from one place to another. After reaching the other side of the frozen lake, they rotate four pillars to a particular position, the hint provided in the dungeon, in order to proceed to Celsius's altar, where they can establish the pact.

At the altar, Celsius asks them why they have come since she already has a pact with Mithos. Sheena Fujibayashi states that she wishes Celsius to form a new pact with her, and as such, Celsius says that she needs to test their powers before accepting any pacts. After the battle against Celsius and her wolf Fenrir, Sheena successfully forms the pact. If Efreet's pact was formed prior to entering the Tower of Salvation for the first time, Efreet will appear and speak with Celsius. However, she shows a great dislike toward him because they are dangerous to each other. The spirits then state that they will trust Sheena and the others to use their powers well before leaving.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

After leaving the massacre at Flanoir, Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, and Tenebrae arrive at the temple with Regal Bryant. Regal is surprised to see the regular entrance to the cave blocked by a giant Celsius's Tear root. Emil attempts to touch it but quickly withdraws his hand before he burns himself. The group eventually meets Genis and Raine Sage there, rejoining after their separation in Izoold. However, they are forced to separate again after learning of the massacre in Flanoir. After the sibling have left, the others try to find an alternate path into the temple. They manage this by climbing the stones near the lake. Inside, they reach the shrine of Glacies's core only to discover that someone has already taken it. Outside, Marte sees a man she refers to as "Daddy" and chases after him. When Emil, Tenebrae, and Regal notice she is gone, they follow her, though a large pile of rocks block them from Marta. Suddenly, members of the Vanguard appear and challenge the group. After the battle, Regal uses his hands and fires a large beam to destroy the blockade.

The trio then notices Richter Abend pinning Marta to a pillar and preparing to kill her. As they are about to go and save her, Aqua stops them from interfering and sends Water-elemental monsters for stalling. After battling the monsters, Marta is stabbed, and Ratatosk's core is retrieved from her. Emil then enters "Ratatosk Mode" and attacks Richter, though the latter manages to flee with Aqua. Emil grieves over Marta until a voice appears seemingly out of nowhere. Sheena appears, and behind her is Marta. Sheena reveals that she used a special technique from Mizuho to substitute Marta with a wooden log, tricking Richter into stabbing the log and taking a fake core instead. The normal Emil, relieved that Marta is safe, runs over to her and hugs her. Marta apologizes for making him worry, and Sheena introduces herself for them properly. The ninja explains that she came to rescue an old couple from Flanoir.

As they walk toward the exit, Sheena asks if she has met Emil and Richter before. Suddenly, a trap door opens, and Sheena plummets down to the bottom before they can discuss it. When they arrive at the bottom to help her, she is with the strange man from Flanoir who gave Emil the "Eau De Seduction" bottle and an unconscious Alice. The man introduces himself as Decus, and apparently Sheena's fall was broken by Alice. Before a fight begins, however, Sheena summons Celsius to make an ice wall to separate Alice and Decus from the group. The latter leaves the cave and decides to head to Meltokio next.