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The Temple of Lightning is a tower in Tethe'alla that houses the Summon Spirit of Lightning, Volt, in Tales of Symphonia.



Sheena Fujibayashi first visited the temple when she was nine, along with her foster-grandfather Igaguri, the chief of Mizuho, and other members of the village in order to form a pact with Volt. However, Sheena failed the pact with Volt, causing the death of many people from Mizuho and also putting chief Igaguri in a comatose state. Since then, Sheena has had a fear of the place and is somewhat ostracized in Mizuho because of the event.

Tales of Symphonia[]

Years later, Lloyd Irving travels with Sheena and their other companions in an attempt to form the pact with Volt once more for the sake of fueling the Rheairds. After reaching the deepest region of the temple, Sheena attempts to forge a pact with Volt and panics when she is unable to understand the spirit, but Raine Sage translates. However, Volt states that it has a pre-existing pact with Mithos the Hero. Sheena attempts to persuade Volt to annul the pact with Mithos and forge a new pact with her, but Volt does not desire to make a pact since the spirit no longer has faith in people. Sheena begs for his help, which enrages the spirit, causing it to attack like it did in the past. Corrine then appears and saves Sheena from an attack, but becomes fatally wounded in the process. Sheena is distraught, but Lloyd speaks to her, giving her the courage to defeat Volt and form the pact. The shock of Corrine's sacrifice helps Sheena conquer her inner fears, and she succeeds in forging the pact.