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Temporal Crossroads
Temporal Crossroads (ToX).jpg
Game Tales of Xillia

The Temporal Crossroads (世精ノ途ウルスカーラ Yosei no Michi?, "Path to World Pure / Ulus Kharla") is the area that connects the human world with the Spirit Realm in Tales of Xillia.


A majority of this area is comprised of brightly-colored cubed pathways and levels that intertwine and connect to one another through various elemental lights. The red lights, representing the element of Fire, ascend the user; the green lights, representing the element of Wind, create bridges for the user; and the blue lights, representing the element of Water, descend the user. The crossroads ultimately lead to three place: Rieze Maxia, Elympios, and Maxwell's realm, which is a vast area with a reflective floor, a bright sky, and large, clock-like arches that rise from the ground and are scattered throughout.


Seeking to unveil the truth about Milla Maxwell following her death, the group ventures to the Temporal Crossroads through the Nia Khera Hallowmont in order to confront Maxwell himself. Finding Maxwell, they question his motives and the true nature of Milla, but his answers only reflect his speculation that the group led Milla from her intended path. Eventually, he reveals that he created Muzét to protect the schism and Milla to lure Exodus, who had knowledge of the schism, out of hiding. This infuriates Jude Mathis, who leads an attack on Maxwell only to have him overpower the group until Milla, having been cleansed in the Spirit Realm by the Four Great Spirits, appears and joins in the battle against Maxwell.

After being bested in combat, Maxwell informs them that destroying the schism will provide enough mana for both Rieze Maxia and Elympios to last until something can be done about the spyrix dilemma. However, Gaius then appears with Muzét and has Maxwell absorbed into the Lance of Kresnik to prevent him from destroying the schism, as Gaius seeks only to protect the people of Rieze Maxia from the threat of Elympios. He then draws a dimensional sword capable of slicing through space and time from Muzét's body, which he attempts to use to hurl the group back to Rieze Maxia; however, Maxwell uses the last bit of his strength to send them to the Dimensional Breach (次元の裂けた丘?) in Elympios instead.

Later in the story, the group returns to the Temporal Crossroads to confront Gaius and Muzét, but they are stopped by Wingul, the last remaining member of the Chimeriad, seeking to protect Gaius to the very end. Upon defeating him, he uses the full power of his booster to separate the group, exhausting the remainder of his strength and killing himself in the process. Jude and Milla find Gaius and Muzét first, but the others soon join the two in defeating the Rieze Maxian king and his Great Spirit partner in a clash of combat and ideals. After their defeat, Gaius and Muzét submit to the desires of the protagonists, trusting in their plan and vowing to assume power again should this plan fail.