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Tenebrae (DotNW)
Appearance Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Hometown Ginnungagap
Age 10,000+
Race Centurion
Japanese Voice Actor Houchuu Ootsuka
English Voice Actor Christopher Corey Smith[1]

Tenebrae (テネブラエ Teneburae?) is a character in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and one of the protagonists, though he is not playable. He is the Centurion of Darkness, and his resting place lies in the Temple of Darkness.



Through a skit, it is revealed that Tenebrae met Mithos Yggdrasill, Martel Yggdrasill, Yuan Ka-Fai, and Kratos Aurion during their journey at the time of the Kharlan War four thousand years ago. They must have known each other well, for Tenebrae displays some curiosity as to Mithos's whereabouts after learning that Lloyd's party had met him. When Richter Abend and Aster journey to the Ginnungagap to warn Ratatosk of the world's mana crisis, Ratatosk is reduced to his core form after a battle with Richter. Before Richter and Aqua could destroy the core, Tenebrae awakens and grabs the core, so as to flee to the surface in order to prevent Ratatosk's death. At some point, Tenebrae met Marta, and she aided him with protecting the core from the Vanguard, who also wanted it. During the Blood Purge in Palmacosta, they are separated, and when they meet again, Tenebrae sees that a fake of Ratatosk's core is placed on Marta's forehead, and that the real core had awakened to take the form of a human so as to hide in plain sight until his powers returned.

World in Discord[]

Six months after the Blood Purge, the two ended up in Luin, and Tenebrae, noticing Ratatosk's presence, calls out to him, which leads Emil Castagnier, the new identity of Ratatosk as a normal human without any of his past memories, to pursue the howls. Later, when Marta is trapped by Richer and Emil fails to help out, Tenebrae appears. Thinking that it might be a way to make Ratatosk change his plans to kill all humans and half-elves, he tricks the clueless Emil into forming a non-existent pact to become a Knight of Ratatosk, granting him tremendous power over time. In reality, all Tenebrae did was to awaken a tiny part of Ratatosk's power and consciousness. Thanks to this, Emil is capable of saving Marta, and they all get out safely. Tenebrae quickly makes it clear that they need to hatch all of the dormant Centurions' cores, and serves as a guide while they cross the united world of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, relaying helpful information and being a large source of comic relief at times.

Truth Behind the Mask[]

DotNW Opening Tenebrae

Opening still from Dawn of the New World.

In Meltokio, after an encounter with Alice, Tenebrae sacrifices himself by holding a soon to explode monster in the sky and out of the range of anyone. Due to this injury, he returns to his core form and goes to his altar at the Temple of Darkness. Emil and Marta awaken him afterward, but strangely, the core does not open for Marta, like the other Centurions. She alone cannot wake up Tenebrae, and he only awakens when Emil, who is the real Ratatosk, contributes.

Reawakened Memories[]

After a third battle with Richter in Altamira, it is officially revealed that Emil is actually Ratatosk. Tenebrae very bluntly explains the truth to Emil, angering Marta. After talking with the heroes, Tenebrae guides Emil and the rest to the Ginnungagap where Richter is. On the way, he admits to Emil that although he is, in fact, Ratatosk, his consciousness is not that of Ratatosk, and that his two minds, Ratatosk's original mind and the mind he used as Emil, can be considered two different personas. He also senses Emil's plans to seal the door to Niflheim, but is ordered not to tell anybody. As the servant of Ratatosk, and therefore Emil, Tenebrae does as he is told to do.

Eternal Bond[]

Tenebrae's Core

When the group reaches the door that leads to Richter, they meet Aqua, who transforms into a monster in order to stop them. After her defeat and return into a core, Tenebrae realizes that Aqua, in fact, loves Richter, which means that Centurions are actually able to feel such strong emotions.


  • Tenebrae is Latin for "shadow" or "darkness".
  • Tenebrae is based on Ahuizotl, a legendary Aztec creature described as a black dog with a long tail equipped with a hand at the end.
  • In Tales of Arise, the player can obtain a legendary fishing rod called "Tenebrae Mk.III".


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