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Tenos (ToI).png
Game Tales of Innocence
World Naraka
Region Northern
Capital Tenos
Ruler Albert Grandeioza

The Northern Country of Tenos (テノス Tenosu?) is a nation in Tales of Innocence. It is the home country of the antagonist Albert Grandeioza.


Although Tenos's territory is not clearly defined, its capital city that shares its name rests at the northern tip of the country and, like many capitals, near the sea. A cold, snowy region covered in ice for most of the year, Tenos is home to a few notable locations, including Remlace Marsh (レムレース湿原?, "Lemures Wetlands") and the nearby Northern Battlefield, which serves as the primary stronghold against Regnum forces.

Located near the merchant city of Mamut, Remlace Marsh is an eerie, swamp-like place that was once a series of small lakes and beautiful landscape. However, the melting northern ice flowing downstream has since gradually filled with sediment and carried it into the area, resulting in the marsh's current state. Soldiers who have died in the war have begun returning here as undead creatures. Other areas of interest include the Divine Garden, a place of worship, and the Tenos Munitions Factory, the country's military headquarters. The group meets and confronts Albert at these two locations, respectively.


The official flag of Tenos.

During the story, Tenos is in the midst of a heated conflict with Regnum, having joined with Garam in order to defeat the powerful kingdom, which only worsened the war. Tenos, like Regnum, is one of the most highly-advanced countries in the world, being a powerhouse with technology that surpasses that of Regnum. One example of this is Tenos's famous coal-mining having produced the steam-engine, locomotive technology that was eventually adopted by Regnum. Despite once working in tandem with Regnum to develop such technology and expand railways across the world, Regnum placed a toll system near Tenos's border, which is said to have ignited the beginnings of the world's current war. Due to tension between Tenos and Regnum, trade and travel have been redirect to operate through the neutral Mamut located between the two countries. In addition to Tenos's land-locomotive technology, they developed an airship capable of flight, which the group later uses as a means of transportation.



  • Many locations in the game mirror real-world locations. Tenos shares many similarities with Russia, including its cold climate, relative size, and geographical location.
  • "Remlace Marsh" is how the location is romanized within the game; however, its literal translation, "Lemures Wetlands", carries etymological significance. In Roman mythology, the lemures were shades or spirits of the restless or malignant dead, reflected in the undead soldiers that haunt the area.