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Terazzi Map (ToD PSX).png
Game Tales of Destiny
World Er'ther Lands
Country Aquaveil
Region Eastern Hemisphere
Capital Terazzi
Ruler King Tiberius Terazzi

Terazzi (トウケイ Toukei?) is the capital kingdom of Aquaveil in Tales of Destiny. In Tales of Destiny 2, which takes place 18 years after the events of Tales of Destiny, the kingdom, along with Moreau, has undergone successful unification with Sheeden.


The protagonists visit Terazzi in order to confront its ruler, Tiberius Terazzi, who has been terrorizing the region. Within the capital city, the group manages to infiltrate the castle, finding Tiberius with Lydon Bernhardt, whom the group has been pursuing ever since he stole and fled with the Eye of Atamoni. The group then fights Tiberius, and Lydon escapes on a Flying Dragon during the action. Defeated, Tiberius claims that Lydon has fled to Phandaria before challenging Karyl Sheeden to a duel, to which Karyl agrees.

Before the duel begins, Tiberius questions Karyl's intentions, mentioning Eleanor and the power that once belonged to Karyl's father. Karyl responds by claiming to be acting as an ally of the group, asking to borrow Stahn Aileron's Swordian, Dymlos, before Leon Magnus tells Karyl to use Chaltier and lends the Swordian to him. In a swift clash, Karyl overpowers Tiberius with his expert swordsmanship, and Tiberius dies shortly afterward, praising Karyl's technique with his final words. Karyl then joins Fayte Moreau and the others outside as the townspeople rejoice Tiberius's death, parting ways with the group as they head to Phandaria in pursuit of Lydon.