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Terca Lumireis (ToV)

A map of Terca Lumireis with its continents labeled.

Terca Lumireis (テルカ・リュミレース Teruka Ryumireesu?) is the world in which Tales of Vesperia takes place. There is a substance that suffuses the world called aer, which humans once used as a fuel to operate an ancient technology called blastia. The people live in fear of the hordes of monsters that crawl the earth and rely on the barriers created by blastia to defend themselves. Terca Lumireis is heavily controlled by the Empire, apart from the Guild Union and non-Union guilds, though there has been no emperor or empress for several years prior to the events of the story.


There are six continents on Terca Lumireis: Ilyccia, Tolbyccia, Desier, Hypionia, Weccea, and Yurzorea. The Inner Ocean (内輪うちわの海 Uchiwa no Umi?) is surrounded by the six continents, while the Outer Ocean (外輪そとわの海 Gairin no Umi?) surrounds the six continents.


The main settlements on Ilyccia are the imperial capital Zaphias, Deidon Hold, Halure, and Aspio. The port town Capua Nor connects Ilyccia to Tolbyccia, in conjunction with Capua Torim. Other areas of interest include the sewers of Zaphias, the Quoi Woods, the Shaikos Ruins, Ehmead Hill, and Ragou's residence in Capua Nor. There is also an aer krene in Ilyccia, hidden within a large grouping of rocks. The Blade Drifts of Zopheir are located off the northern coast of Ilyccia and contain a deactivated aer krene. The large weapon Heracles docks off the southwestern coast of Ilyccia.


The main settlements of Tolbyccia are Heliord and Dahngrest. The port town Capua Torim connects Tolbyccia to Ilyccia with the collaboration of Capua Nor. Other areas of interest include Keiv Moc, home to an aer krene; Caer Bocram, a fallen city; and Ghasfarost, a tower with a Hermes blastia built in to manipulate the weather. The Manor of the Wicked, home base of the Leviathan's Claw guild, is also located on Tolbyccia.


The main settlements of Desier are Nordopolica, Mantaic, and Yormgen. Other places of interest include the Weasand of Cados, home to an aer krene; the Sands of Kogorh, home to Phaeroh's Crag; and Mt. Temza, site of one of the main battles during the Great War. Temza, a Krityan city, once resided on Desier but was destroyed during the war. There is also an aer krene untouched by humans located on an island near Desier.


The only human settlement on Hypionia is the recently-built Aurnion. Two other places of interest are Egothor Forest and an abandoned temple, Baction. Myorzo, city of the Kritya, is hidden within Egothor Forest and can only be accessed by ringing a special bell on the mountain peaks of the forest. Myorzo itself is constantly moving, held inside the flying Entelexeia Krones.


Weccea is a compilation of rocky, mountain-like chunks of land rising high from the ocean. As such, it is uninhabited and remains the last unexplored land on Terca Lumireis. The Empire was once ruled by Emperor Calx III, who sent scouting parties four times in order to claim the land. However, the scouting parties lost communication each time, and no one returned from these excursions. Its only notable location is Relewiese Hollow, home to the oldest aer krene in existence.


Yurzorea is largely uninhabited, containing only the hot springs of Yumanju. However, there is an aer krene untouched by civilization located on the land mass as well. The Labyrinth of Memories is also located on Yurzorea.


  • The Empire began approximately 1,000 years prior to the events of the story. Before the Empire's reign, there was a time known as the "Asule Period", which used a different calendar system than the modern one; one of its months was known as "Bluerre".
  • An unnamed emperor in Terca Lumireis's recent history had a brother named Regin, also known as the "King of Adventure". He once led an exhibition known as the "Regin Expeditionary Force", which sought to defeat all the world's Giganto monsters, but they were defeated. Rich, who operates the "Wandering Traveler" with his partner Karen, stated his father was the only surviving member of this force.