Aselia Wiki


  • Mayoccia Plains - The area around Zaphias.
  • Northern Mayoccia Plains - The area between Zaphias and Deidon Hold.
  • Northeast Mayoccia Plains - The area to the north of Deidon Hold.
  • Western Mayoccia Plains - The west coast plains of Ilyccia.
  • Southern Mayoccia Plains - An elevated plateau south of Zaphias. This area cannot be reached on foot.
  • Southeast Peyoccia Plains - A forest area on the outskirts of Quoi Woods.
  • Central Peyoccia Plains - An area near Halure, located in the center of Peyoccia Plains.
  • Peyoccia Plains - Northern trails - A road between Halure and Aspio.
  • Peyoccia Plains - Southern trails - A road between Deidon Hold and Halure.
  • Eastern Peyoccia Plains - The eastern plateau of the Peyoccia Plains.
  • Northern Peyoccia Plains - A plateau north of Halure, City of Blossoms.
  • Peyoccia Plains - Western trails - An area to the east of Ehmead Hill.
  • Northeast Ilyccia - An area around Shaikos Ruins.
  • Corridor Beach - A long stretch of beaches extending from the south to the north.
  • Eastern Muluroccia Peninsula - An area to the west of Ehmead Hill.
  • Northern Muluroccia Peninsula - The northern region of the Muluroccia Peninsula. An area including Capua Nor.
  • Southern Muluroccia Peninsula - A plateau to the south of Capua Nor.
  • The Southeastern Plains of the Muluroccia Peninsula - These grasslands are unreachable on foot.
  • Astefiellus Mountains - Home to the tallest mountain in the world. The severely cold climate keeps intruders out.
  • The Eastern Island of Ilyccia - The largest island in the world, located east of the Ilyccia continent.
  • Laulyse Island - A natural, rocky reef.
  • The Northern Blade Drifts of Zopheir - The northern most arctic region of Ilyccia.
  • The Blade Drifts of Zopheir - The freezing temperature of the glaciers is said to be cold enough to cut through bodies. Ilyccia's northernmost region.


  • The Eastern Plains of Tolbyccia - The only flat area on Tolbyccia, stretching from Torim Harbor. It is separated by mountains and receives little rain.
  • Eastern Tolbyccia - A large forest area in the middle of the Tolbyccian continent. Tisbem Lake can be found in this area, surrounded by mountains.
  • Central Eastern Tolbyccia - A forested region with Heliord in the center. An area with plenty of rivers and waterfalls.
  • Northern Tolbyccia - With Dahngrest in the center, this area divides between the continent's plains and forest regions.
  • Central Western Tolbyccia - An area around the forest of Keiv Moc.
  • Southwest Tolbyccia - A plateau on southwest Tolbyccia.
  • Western Tolbyccia - A forest on western Tolbyccia where the Manor of the Wicked is located.
  • Southern Tolbyccia - An elevated forest unreachable on foot.
  • Swendle Island - An island to the north of Tolbyccia. The tower of Ghasfarost was once an island.
  • Eastern Swendle Island - The eastern part of Swendle Island. This area did not become a tropical rain forest due to the surrounding mountains.
  • Carapuson Islands - The islands between Tolbyccia and Yurzorea.
  • Tolbyccia Southern Islands - An island off the coast of southern Tolbyccia.
  • Northern Tolbyccia - Ocean area located to the north of Tolbyccia.


  • Zadrack Peninsula - The peninsula where Nordopolica is located.
  • The Eastern Plains of Desier - The eastern part of Desier that includes the plateau region and the road leading to Nordopolica.
  • The Mother Cados Mountains - Eastern Plains - The plains east of the Mother Cados Mountains, dividing the Desier continent.
  • The Mother Cados Mountains - Western Desert - The desert region stretching from Cados to Mantaic.
  • The Mother Cados Mountains - Northern Desert - A desert to the north of the Cados Mountains.
  • Sands of Kogorh - A vast desert in the center of Desier.
  • Southern Sands of Kogorh - The southern region of the Kogorh Desert. It is elevated above sea level.
  • The Father Muzaeli Mountains - East Desert - A desert to the east of the Muzaeli Mountains.
  • North Father Muzaeli Mountains - A range of mountains where Mt. Temza is located.
  • East Father Muzaeli Mountains - The eastern most area of the Muzaeli Mountains.
  • Father Muzaeli Mountains - A steamy area in the Muzaeli Mountains.
  • The Four Isles - A group of islands off the southern coast of Desier.
  • Sands of Kogorh, Southern Island - A desert island off the southern coast of Desier.
  • Zadrack Island - A desert island.
  • Myannema Twin Islands - Two identical islands surrounded by a shallow lagoon.


  • Northeast Hypionia - The northeast region of Hypionia. A small path lies deep within the mountains.
  • Eastern Hypionia - The eastern part of Hypionia is an area filled with all types of terrain. Sakkel Bay is to the north.
  • Hypionia - The continent where Baction is located.
  • Southern Hypionia - An area filled with intricate terrain.
  • Western Hypionia - The area where the Egothor Forest is located.
  • Beldeabou Bay - An opposing bay to Sakkel Bay.
  • East Sulion Island - An island east of the group of islands off the southern Hypionia coast.
  • South Sulion Island - An island in the center of a group of islands. It is surrounded by mountains and is oddly shaped.
  • West Sulion Island - An island west of the group of islands off the southern Hypionia coast.


  • Weccea - An uncharted continent.
  • Northeast Weccea - An island northeast of Weccea.
  • Southeast Weccea - An island southeast of Weccea.
  • Southwest Weccea - An island southwest of Weccea.


  • Northern Sulzanni Islands - A chain of islands to the west of Yurzorea.
  • The Sulzanni Island chains - A chain of islands to the west of Yurzorea.
  • South Sulzanni Islands - A chain of islands to the west of Yurzorea.
  • Northern Yurzorea - A forest area on northern Yurzorea. The trees here are oddly shaped.
  • Northeast Yurzorea - An elevated flat land surrounded by mountains.
  • Truffdae Mountains - A mountain range in the center of Yurzorea.
  • Southern Yurzorea - A land full of grasslands, forest, lakes, and trails.
  • Eastern Yurzorea - Grassland on the eastern side of the continent.
  • Niffel Lake - The largest lake in the world.
  • Northern Isles, Yurzorea - Islands located north of Yurzorea.
  • Nam Cobanda Isle - An island with a unique town located on the edge of the world map. The shade of the forest looks familiar.