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Shirley Teriques (ToLink)

Artwork of Shirley Fennes and her Teriques for Tales of Link.

A Teriques (テルクェス Terukwesu?) is a projection of a Ferines's soul in Tales of Legendia. The word is Relares for "wings of the beginning". It is Ferines custom that once a Ferines can manifest a Teriques, their adult life has begun.


Teriques differ in shape and color from person to person, and can possess a multitude of different powers. Teriques also seem to be different depending on the gender of Ferines. Female Ferines such as Shirley Fennes and Stella Telmes appear to have a Teriques that is similar to that of a butterfly. When it comes to the male Ferines, their Teriques appear to be a Zephyr, and this can be supported due to the fact that three male Ferines and Walter Delques summon Zephyrs to attack the main characters. The Teriques is a gift to the Ferines from Nerifes, the will of the sea, and appears to be similar to eres, as it sparkles in a similar way and can be enhanced by the power of Nerifes.

Shirley's Teriques is a small, sky-blue, crystalline butterfly. She summons it out of her quill pen during battle and uses it to attack her enemies. Stella's Teriques is a massive, golden butterfly. Stella's spirit was extremely strong, and as such, so was her Teriques. Once augmented by the power of Nerifes, she used it to save Senel Coolidge and his friends from certain death in the Ruins of Frozen Light, and even managed to block a direct shot from the Nerifes Cannon with its wings. Although she was cryogenically frozen, she was still capable of manipulating her Teriques as long as she was alive. However, when the Nerifes Cannon destroyed her Teriques, it also shattered her soul, causing her death.

Walter's Teriques takes the form of a Zephyr. He uses it to battle Senel multiple times throughout the story, and frequently summons it behind him to function as a kind of jetpack, allowing him to fly. Maurits Welnes's Teriques only appears during the final battle at the Wings of Light. His Teriques does not actually appear fully, but he uses its wings to fly around. Its wings colors are dark purple just like Walter's so it is obvious that his Teriques is a Zephyr.