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Terrors Skit (ToL).jpg
Game Tales of Legendia
Leader Vaclav Bolud
Notable Members Melanie

The Terrors (トリプルカイツ Toripurukaitsu?, "Triple Kites") are a trio of minor antagonists in Tales of Legendia who serve Vaclav Bolud during the game's Main Quest.


Melanie (tvtropes).png Cashel (tvtropes).png Stingle (tvtropes).png
Melanie Cashel Stingle

  • Melanie the Crimson (閃紅のメラニィ Senkou no Meranyi?) - A cruel but cunning soldier who clashes with the protagonists on multiple occasions. She is adept in Fire-elemental Iron and Crystal Eres.
  • Cashel the Phantom (幽幻のカッシェル Yuugen no Kassheru?) - A swift and skilled illusionist soldier who takes joy in taunting his enemies. He is highly specialized in both Iron and high-powered Crystal Eres.
  • Stingle the Vicious (烈斬のスティングル Retsuzan no Sutinguru?) - A mysterious soldier and the newest members of Vaclav's Terror trio. He wears a mask to conceal his identity but is later revealed to be Arnold Alcott (アーノルド・オルコット Aanorudo Orukotto?). In battle, he fights solely using Iron Eres.