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Tethe'alla Base
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Flanoir Continent

The Tethe'alla base (テセアラベース?) is an area in the world of Tethe'alla in Tales of Symphonia. Located within the Flanoir continent's surrounding glaciers, the base serves as the Renegades' Tethe'alla stronghold.


Lloyd Irving and his companions manage to infiltrate the Tethe'alla Base thanks to Orochi and the other ninjas of Mizuho, hoping to retrieve the Rheairds and save Colette Brunel, who has been kidnapped by the Desian Grand Cardinal Rodyle. Inside, the group makes their way to the hangar, but as they are about to take the Rheairds, they are confronted by Yuan Ka-Fai and Botta, the leader of the Renegades and a commanding officer, respectively. The group fights and manages to defeat them, making off with the Rheairds. Afterward, a massive earthquake strikes as a result of the collapsing mana link corresponding with Volt, the Tethe'allan Summon Spirit of Lightning, and Undine, the Sylvaranti Summon Spirit of Water. The group uses this distraction to their advantage while escaping with the Rheairds. Soon after the escape, a Renegade soldier appears, asking what to do about the group stealing the Rheairds. Yuan instructs him to let it go since his little friend can tell them where the group is at any time.