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Tetsu Hagane
Tetsu Hagane.jpg
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Race Organican
Weapon Sword
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Tetsu Hagane (テツ・ハガネ?) is a minor supporting character in Tales of Hearts. Appearing only in the original incarnation of the game, Tetsu also serves as a support arte and is referenced in Tales of Hearts R during the scene in which Beryl Benito's joke weapon is obtained, appearing on the wanted poster she nabs from the prison.

Appearance and Personality

Tetsu is a tanned, muscular man with red hair and a single red eye, his left one being scarred and missing. He also bears a large scar on his chest, visible through his red shirt, which is long and torn at the bottom. He wears black pants and armor on both his arms and legs. His look is completed with a black, tattered scarf around his neck and a large sword bearing the resemblance of a nail.