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The Crags (列岩地帯 Retsugan Chitai?, "Row Rock Area") are a dungeon location in Tales of Legendia, located on the southern half of the Legacy, just north of Port-on-Rage. The area is also located on the far shore of Raging Bay, next to the Bridge. The Crags is large shore area comprised of geographical pathways.


Main Quest[]

While pursuing Will Raynard, Chloe Valens, and the mysterious boy, Senel Coolidge, Norma Beatty, and Harriet Campbell go to the Crags. While traveling in the area, the three meet a small Oresoren named Poppo. Poppo explains to the group that his submarine, the "Poppo Mk II", was attacked by a goat and caused him to land in the Crags. Poppo asks the group if they can guide him to Oresoren Village, to which they agree. When the group is close to exit, they are attacked by a "Dinogorgon" but defeat it. Afterward, they make their way out.

Character Quests[]

During the events of Moses Sandor's Character Quest, the group returns to the Crags in order to find the galfs attacking the people of Werites Beacon. While traveling, a galf named Fenrir attacks the group, but they defeat it. The group believes that Giet did not cause the attacks after all, but Moses yells out to Giet, which causes him to appear. Giet appears in a rabid form and attacks Moses on his eye before summoning more galfs to his side. The group then flees to Werites Beacon.