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The Empyrean's Throne
The Empyrean's Throne (ToB).png
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Midgand
Ruler Artorius Collbrande (former)
Innominat (former)
Maotelus (current)
A newly constructed temple dedicated to the Empyrean Innominat. The Abbey situated this place of worship at the very center of all the lands.

The Empyrean's Throne, A New Temple (新聖殿 聖主の御座?) is a newly-constructed temple in Midgand in Tales of Berseria. It was primarily built by the Abbey to worship the fifth Empyrean Innominat, and it is the location where Artorius Collbrande oversees his plans to change the world. Over the span of one-thousand years, it will eventually become Artorius's Throne in Tales of Zestiria.


The Empyrean's Throne is located on top of a mountain chain in Midgand, just north of Port Zekson and the capital Loegres. The massive temple was built on the world's largest earthpulse point, and its geographical location on the map makes it the very center of all the lands. It is heavily protected with exorcist barriers and tethered malakhim, and only the most high-ranking exorcists are permitted to enter the site.

The temple itself is surrounded by a large courtyard, with archways built on each side leading onto rock formations which contain barrier control keys. Several Abbey banners are decorated all across the temple, further enhancing their influence on the place. The massive stairway leads upward into the sanctuary, which houses a throne chair and Innominat's crest. Artorius Collbrande mostly resides inside the sanctuary, where he draws in Innominat's power from the earthpulse point, and oversees his plans with other high-ranking exorcists.


Construction of the temple began some time after the Advent, as by the time Velvet Crowe and her group infiltrate the temple, it was already complete. Not much is known about the temple's construction progress other than the citizens of Loegres mentioning a new place of worship being built in the mountains up north.

Road to Revenge

After Velvet's group finishes the Bloodwing's tasks and assassinate High Priest Gideon, Tabatha Baskerville tells them that Artorius is currently residing in the Empyrean's Throne, and explains that the area around the temple is protected by a large barrier that can only be dispelled by four greater malakhim. However, with only Laphicet, Eizen, and Bienfu in tow, all of whom are considered greater malakhim, they were one malak short of penetrating the barrier.

When the group arrives in Port Zekson, a commotion was stirred about a group of guards being knocked out by a malak wielding a pendulum as a weapon. Eizen knew who this malak was, and rushed ahead to confront him just outside the barrier. The malak reveals himself to be Zaveid, and he fights Eizen one-on-one before both were interrupted by Velvet's group. After some reasoning, Zaveid agrees to help the group dispel the barrier, since he's also a greater malak. The four line up in front of the barrier, but much to their surprise, Laphicet dispels the barrier all by himself. Afterwards, Zaveid immediately leaves with no interest in helping the group, since his creed about not killing people is different from Eizen's. The group continues onward into the temple.

Once they penetrate the temple's defenses, Velvet confronts Artorius for the first time in three years. Determined to have her revenge, Velvet goes all out against Artorius, using his own maxims against him, and also using Laphicet's healing artes to heal her wounds. Despite this however, Artorius proves himself to be too powerful, and calls upon Innominat's power to take down Velvet with little effort. The other high-ranking exorcists, Oscar Dragonia, Teresa Linares, Melchior Mayvin, and Eleanor Hume eventually arrive on the scene to provide backup for Artorius.

With Velvet on the verge of death, Laphicet tries to heal her until he's interrupted by Teresa, who commands him to kill Velvet, and then commit suicide for punishment once it's done. Laphicet refuses, and within the struggle to resist Teresa's order, a new power awakens inside Laphicet, which causes him to break away from Teresa's bindings and open up a rift into the earthpulse. Eizen sees it as an opportunity to escape, and the group heads into the rift with a wounded Velvet in tow. Eleanor, determined to not let the group get away, gives chase, and is drawn into the rift along with them.

Oscar's Mission and Teresa's Dilemma

Later, when Velvet's group is searching for the therions, Artorius grants Oscar with an experimental arte called an armatus, and Oscar vows to use the new arte against Velvet. Teresa storms into the sanctuary after hearing word about this, and becomes worried about her brother's safety. She vows to take his place in order to protect him, but Shigure Rangetsu tells her that she doesn't have what it takes to handle the armatus. Melchior then confiscates malak Number One from Teresa's possession to prevent her from doing anything rash, saying that the malak has untapped potential on par with Laphicet, and Artorius demotes her from exorcist status. Oscar reassures Teresa that he will finish the job and come back safe, despite his sister's desperate pleas to stop. Once all of the exorcists have left, Teresa is left alone in the sanctuary, distraught about her brother's possible fate. Innominat's crest reacts to her presence, and Teresa finds out that she's receptive to the Empyrean's power. After realizing this, she knows what she has to do in order to save her brother.

The New Empyrean

When the Four Elemental Empyreans awaken and expel Innominat out of the earthpulse, he heads into outer space to form a new structure above the Empyrean's Throne. Velvet's group heads to the temple to prepare for the final battle, and they find a teleportation arte in front of the sanctuary that will take them directly to Innominat. Each of the protagonists reflect on their adventures with Velvet before heading off to face the Shepherd and the fifth Empyrean.

After a long battle, Velvet manages to defeat Artorius, and decides to seal Innominat away in order to save Laphicet and the therions from perishing along with him. However, with Innominat gone, the Four Elemental Empyreans appear. They explain to the rest of the group that his disappearance will cause the entire world to plunge into chaos, unless a new Empyrean appears and takes Innominat's place to restore the balance. Laphicet agrees to become the new Empyrean, and follows up with Velvet's promise to help make a better world.

Laphicet changes into the form of a giant white dragon, and uses the Silver Flame to cleanse the world of malevolence, even changing daemons and therions back into humans. The group is surprised of Laphicet's sudden transformation, but they learn quickly to become accustomed to the change. Laphicet then says that his current name doesn't fit who he is now, and would rather prefer being called by his pact name that Eleanor gave him: Maotelus.