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A therion (喰魔 kuuma?, "consuming demon") is a type of daemon in Tales of Berseria. These daemons feed off other daemons and provide the Empyrean Innominat with power.


Those receptive to Innominat's power are capable of being transformed into therions. The highest-ranked members of the Abbey are fully aware of this fact and make it their mission to imprison innocent people, and sometimes animals, in certain earthpulse points in order to feed Innominat and awaken him. These therions serve as the mouths to Innominat, and he requires eight different types of malevolence from these mouths in order to fully awaken: hatred, despair, greed, conceit, obsession, lust, cowardice, and selfishness. Throughout the story, the protagonists encounter and retrieve the Abbey's imprisoned therions in order to prevent Innominat from awakening.

When transformed into a therion, a person submits to the malevolence corrupting them, identically to that of a daemon. In addition, they feel an insatiable hunger that prompts them to feed off daemons, often unaware of their actions. The protagonist Velvet Crowe is a therion, having been corrupted during the Advent three years prior to the story, and although she retains much of herself, the two types of malevolence she possesses, hatred and despair, are amplified and bred as the story progresses. Other therions, such as Kamoana and Medissa, act in a blind rage before being subdued through battle. In their cases, a full body mutation is evident, while Velvet's mutation is restricted to that of her daemonic left arm.

List of Therions

The below table provides a list of therions and their held locations.

Name Location Notes
Velvet Crowe Titania -
Rhinostagros Beetle Warg Forest •It is fought as Thickjaw Beetle
Laphicet names it the Rhinostagros due to it having a stag beetle's pincers and a rhino beetle's horn.
Kamoana Palamides Temple -
Griffin Loegres Villa Percival Yil Mid Asgard's pet hawk.
•The only therion who is never fought directly.
Medissa Faldies Ruins -
Orthie and Russ Shrine of Tranquility (Aball) Niko's pet dogs.
•They can fuse together to become Orthrus.
Dis Baird Marsh •Fuses with Teresa Linares.


  • Therion derives from the Ancient Greek θηρίον (thēríon), meaning "wild animal" or "savage beast".
  • In Tales of Zestiria, there an enemy type was called "therian" but it changed to "demihuman" in Tales of Berseria, likely to avoid confusion between two similarly named things.
  • In Tales of Crestoria, the rhinostagros beetle appears in the "Bug Cage" neck attachment.