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Thitose Cxarma
Thitose Cxarma.png
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Hometown Ashihara
Age 18
Height 160 cm
Weight 47 kg
Race Human
Weapon Tanto
Japanese Voice Actor Rumi Shishido
Character Designer Taketoshi Inagaki

Thitose Cxarma (チトセ・チャルマ Chitose Charuma?) is a major antagonist and member of Arca in Tales of Innocence. She is the reincarnation of the flower goddess Sakuya.


Early Meeting

Ruca Milda, Illia Animi, and Spada Belforma first meet Thitose in Naohs Base, where they are imprisoned in the same cell. Thitose introduces herself to Ruca, who is the only one who speaks directly to her, and asks if he is a Fallen One. Learning that they share this trait, Thitose explains that those with memories of the past are gathered together, which will aid her in her search for someone who must have been reincarnation and whom she is destined to meet.

Thitose also informs Ruca that she is joining Arca despite the organization's mystery, and she asks him about his memories of the past. Ruca replies that he cannot remember much, but Thitose redirects his attention to Illia, asking Ruca if she is an acquaintance of his. Ruca confirms, and Thitose makes her disdain of Illia evident by claiming she does not like her and that she and Ruca simply are not compatible. However, she quickly retracts her comments and claims that she will be happy to see Ruca in Arca someday. When Ruca, Illia, and Spada are taken away for experimentation, Thitose is left behind due to her willingness to join Arca.

War Support

Thitose later appears at the Western Battlefield, where she has come to support Ruca in his efforts. During the reunion, Thitose and Illia's tension gradually becomes more evident, with Thitose disregarding Illia's comments, which infuriates Illia. Thitose claims that she has joined Arca and is now doing social work on behalf of the organization. She then focuses on commending Ruca's bravery but urges him to retreat should things become too dangerous. Ruca awkwardly accepts Thitose's kind words before she leaves, prompting Illia to throw a fit. After some of the fighting, Thitose approaches the group again, praising Ruca's abilities in battle and cryptically stressing how she is drawn to be with the strong.

It is during this scene that a flashback reveals Thitose's past life as Sakuya, Asura's devout servant. Aware that Ruca is Asura's reincarnation, Thitose recalls how Sakuya loved Asura despite him not reciprocating her feelings. She thinks to herself that things are different in this world and that she has had enough of living in darkness. Thitose then prepares a meal for the group. Later, before the group escapes from the battlefield, Thitose approaches Ruca once more, and Ruca asks Thitose to accompany them. She declines but leaves Ruca with a kiss before claiming they will meet again.

Reunion in Ashihara

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

While the group is split in Ashihara, Thitose finds Ruca alone in the inn and speaks to him. Although Ruca is initially confused, Thitose explains that she lives in Ashihara and that she is glad to see him again. The two then sit, and Thitose indulges in their privacy by mentioning their past lives. A flashback then reveals Asura with Sakuya, causing Ruca to remember. Claiming to treasure the past, Thitose comments that she wishes to have an inseparable bond with Ruca but worries that he may be caught due to the Fallen detainment law. She then urges him to join Arca, but Ruca mentions their destruction of Illia's hometown.

Thitose disregards his concern, citing the act as a mere organizational operation and mentioning Asura's slaughter of innocent lives during the ancient war. She tells Ruca that Mathias is planning to save the world from its destruction, though Ruca remains hesitant and mentions Illia again, which disturbs Thitose. When Ruca claims that Mathias attacked him, Thitose claims that the incident was a misunderstanding and explains that Mathias is the ruler of Census, Maou. However, Ruca cannot seem to remember. Thitose then warns Ruca that he must not trust Illia, who then arrives, prompting Thitose to leave.

Later, as the group is leaving the Ashihara Tombs, Thitose confronts them and beckons for Ruca to join Arca. Ruca retaliates that it is Mathias's fault for the recent events, but Thitose exclaims that Ruca simply has not remembered everything yet. She states that the destruction of Devaloka is Illia's fault, which surprises the group. Thitose then claims that she will not lose Asura like Sakuya did and draws her sword. When Ruca vows to protect Illia despite Thitose's words, Thitose calls him unreasonable and engages the group in battle. After her defeat, Thitose remarks that Illia is a traitor, echoing her earlier notion that Illia is bound to betray Ruca again, before leaving.

Final Confrontation

When the group visits Sky Castle, they are approached by Thitose and Mathias, who reveals Ruca and Illia's tainted past to them. Afterward, Thitose beckons once more for Ruca to come with her, claiming to always be loyal to him and never deceive him like Illia did. Ruca, in a dazed state, follows them, and Mathias reveals her plan for world destruction as a means of salvation. Thitose offers her own life for the sake of activating the Manifest, but Mathias is aware that the plan will not work because Asura never loved Sakuya.

When Ruca unleashes his power and the sky-bound castle begins collapsing, Thitose retreats with Mathias. However, they are encountered shortly afterward at the Tower of Dawn, where Mathias attempts to have Thitose kill her in order to activate the Manifest, but Thitose claims she cannot due to her love for Asura. When Mathias fights the group and is killed, Thitose hovers over her body and mutters Asura's name before committing seppuku and dying on top of Mathias's body, vowing to accompany Asura into the next life.

Appearance and Personality

Thitose Skit (ToI).png

Thitose is a small-framed woman with fair skin and black hair. She has dark eyes and wears a hint of red eye shadow that compliments her red and purple, kunoichi-inspired attire. Personality-wise, Thitose is mostly reserved, apart from when the situation involves Ruca. She frequently stands in a nervous position, revealing her desperate nature that eventually flows into her speech. Relentless in her pursuit of acquiring Ruca's love, Thitose abandons all other causes and, at the end of the story, kills herself over Sakuya's longing for Asura that haunts her in her present life.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Mortal Shadow in Tales of Innocence R.

In battle, Thitose fights with a Japanese Tanto and uses ninjitsu-influenced tactics such as vanishing in a cloud of smoke to evade attacks and recover. Extremely agile, Thitose is capable of disrupting spellcasters and performing a combination of jumps and rapid jabs that make it difficult for her opponent to retaliate. Although none of her artes are named in the original version of the game, apart from her mystic arte, Mortal Shadow, she gains three named strike artes in the remake: Hikenfuubaku, Oukaranbu, and Seikonreiju. She also has access to a number of Wind- and Dark-elemental spells in the remake.


  • Like many characters in the game, Thitose's surname Cxarma derives from Esperanto, meaning "charm". Her name can be translated as Chitose, which means "Big Hollow" in Ainu and is the name of a city near Sapporo.