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Thoda Dock
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Southeastern Continent

Thoda Dock is a small port area in Tales of Symphonia. The only seen resident is the receptionist, Candy.


The group travels to the dock in order to find a boat that can take them across sea to the Thoda Geyser. Upon arrival, however, the boats are revealed to be washtubs. Raine Sage nervously says that she will stay behind, making everyone curious. Genis Sage grabs her arm in an attempt to get her to board but releases as Raine lets out a nervous scream. When confronted, she shows it off and proceeds. Later, when speaking to the receptionist again, she states they should have told her that Colette Brunel is the Chosen because she cannot take Gald from her. They then are able to use the washtubs for free whenever they like. Before performing the pact with Luna, the Summon Spirit of Light, the receptionist develops a crush on Regal Bryant and asks him several personal questions. Lloyd Irving is forced to answer them all for him. Depending on the answers, the reactions and conversation differ.