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Thyra Welzes
Thyra Welzes (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age 15
Height 155 cm
Race Ferines
Japanese Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Thyra Welzes (テューラ・ウェルツェス?) is a character in Tales of Legendia and the younger twin sister of Fenimore Xelhes.


A Flower and A Promise[]

Thyra first appears during the end of Will Raynard's Character Quest when she walks into Werites Beacon looking for Shirley. When Senel Coolidge and the others meet her, they are shocked and believe that she is Fenimore, but she reveals that she is Fenimore's twin sister. She is angry that Shirley is living with Orerines and accuses her of betraying the Ferines by not completing her duties as the Merines and seemingly forgetting that Fenimore even existed. This leads the party to become angry with her in return, and they explain the new duties Shirley is attending as the Ferines' ambassador. Thyra becomes enraged and leaves the town.


Thyra reappears during the interlude of the Character Quests when the party visits the Village of the Ferines after Maurits Welnes removes the barrier to the city. When the party arrives in the city, Thyra orders them to leave the village, but Maurits arrives and tells her to be silent. During their meeting with Maurits about the Black Mist, Thyra comes in yelling at Shirley. Senel goes up to Thyra explaining that Shirley did not forget her duties or the Ferines, and this causes the entire party to start insulting her calling her selfish and childish. Senel reveals to Thyra that although Fenimore was afraid of Orerines, she still accepted him and his friends. Thyra is unable to believe Senel, grows upset, and leaves the meeting room. Shirley chases after her to Fenimore's grave.

After Shirley goes to Fenimore's grave, Thyra's hate for Shirley and her friends caused a monster infected by the black mist to appear before her. Suddenly, a maiden shrouded in black mist arrives behind her telling her to offer her hatred to her, but before any answer can be given, Senel and his friends arrive and save her from the monster. After the party defeats the monster, Thyra blames Shirley for everything. Shirley goes up to Thyra and hugs her, telling her not to be afraid anymore, causing the mist to disappear. Before the party leaves the village, they go to talk to Thyra, Shirley explains even though the Orerines have done many things to their people, they are not entirely cruel. Thyra apologizes for her actions afterwards and tells Shirley she too wants to see a similarly peaceful world, but until that day comes, she asks if she can still hate her. Shirley agrees, and Thyra runs back into Maurits's meeting room.


Although Thyra does not appear during most of Grune's Character Quest, she and Maurtis appear during the final confrontation when Schwartz covers the island in darkness and sends dark versions of herself to attack them in the Ferines Village. When the party tries to use their super sacred eres to stop Schwartz, she and Maurtis get sacred eres themselves and defeat the Schwartz clones.


  • Thyra's second name, Welzes, means "hope" in Relares, and her "Norma Nickname" is "Tulip" (テュッちゃん?).
  • In some unused files in the game, there was a concept for Miracle Thyra. In it, Thyra gets "Miracle Powers" that allow her to wield Iron and Crystal Eres. Her teriques is the shape of pink butterfly wings.