Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Region Midgand
A prison run by the Abbey. Its location on a lone island far out to the sea has earned it a reputation as a place of no escape.

Titania, Island Prison (監督島 タイタニア Kantokutou Taitania?) is a location in Tales of Berseria. It is the first location seen in the game, and after the malak Seres's arrival, Velvet Crowe escapes with her aid. The location later serves as a temporary base of operations as the group uses it to house therions.


Titania is an isolated prison island where dangerous criminals are kept. A highly unfavorable place, the drab prison features nothing more than a stale presentation of brick walls and cell bars, with almost no windows. Exorcist guards oversee the facility and man a watchtower to survey the area. The prison itself is built into a very sturdy rock formation, and features two docks, two watchtowers, four rooms containing numerous cells, and a lower cell situated at an earthpulse point, where Velvet was being held. The island is located west of Westgand, and according to Van Aifread's pirates, the waters around the island are very rough to the point that attempting to escape by boat would be nothing short of suicidal. Only skilled navigators are capable of sailing to and from this island.


The game's main plot opens here, with Velvet having spent the past three years imprisoned on the island, devouring daemons fed to her. Seres appears seemingly out of nowhere one day, tests her in battle, and aids in her escape after informing her of the world's current situation. Velvet devises a plan to rally the prisoners being kept there in order to ensure her escape from the island, and along the way, she is introduced to the self-proclaimed "witch" who calls herself Magilou, as well as Rokurou Rangetsu, who, after a quick skirmish, thanks Velvet for informing him of his weapon "Stormhowl" being kept in a storage room below.

Before leaving, Velvet and Seres are halted by the exorcist praetor Oscar Dragonia and two malakhim, whom he fights alongside. During the skirmish, one of the malakhim loses control and transforms into a dragon. Seres shields Velvet from a fatal blow before offering her life for Velvet to consume. Velvet receives the Sorcerer's Ring from this, enabling Break Souls, and manages to defeat the dragon, devouring it afterward. She then blinds Oscar, forcing him to flee, while she joins Magilou and Rokurou in stealing an Abbey ship and escaping while the riot calms down, despite the treacherous storm on the sea.

Later, Velvet's group, while escorting Percival Yil Mid Asgard out of Loegres, sails to Titania to use the island as their new hideout, after hearing word from Tabatha Baskerville that the exorcists have failed to quell the riot in the prison. When they get there, they find that all of the exorcists were killed by a daemon called the Headless Knight, a daemon created through a process called Venomization where daemons devour each other to become stronger. The group defeats the Headless Knight and any remaining daemons in the prison, clearing the place out for Aifread's pirates. From here, Laphicet uses the earthpulse point located in Velvet's former cell to track down the other therions. Over time, Medissa and Niko's dogs, Orthie and Russ, join the hideout.

After Velvet fails to capture the final therion in Baird Marsh, they receive word from a sylphjay that the Abbey is attacking Titania. They rush back to the island to find the place raided by exorcists, who are now armed with Armatization. The group battles the exorcists and saves any remaining people and therions left behind. Kurogane manages to complete the orichalcum Stormquell and hands it over to Rokurou along the way. Eizen orders the Van Eltia to escape while they stall the exorcists, and they head over to the front docks to steal an Abbey ship out of the island. However, they're interrupted by the arrival of Artorius Collbrande along with legate Shigure Rangetsu. Seeing the opportunity, Rokurou battles Shigure with his new orichalcum Stormquell.

Their fight is cut short, however, due to the arrival of Innominat, who is now fully revived and is using Laphicet Crowe's body as his vessel. Velvet tries to deny what she's seeing, believing that he's just an illusion and hopelessly tries to kill him, but it was a futile effort, and Innominat's words hit Velvet close to home. Rokurou intervenes by attempting to cut Innominat, but the Empyrean conjures up his own sword, and breaks Rokurou's orichalcum Stormquell with little effort. Artorius explains that Innominat needs the two final malevolences within Velvet in order to be fully complete; hatred and despair. Innominat attempts to devour Velvet and the entire group to complete his awakening, but Laphicet intervenes and uses his malak powers to teleport the group into the earthpulse to save them. Innominat follows them into the earthpulse, leaving Artorius and Shigure behind with Percival. The exiled prince is then taken back into Abbey custody.