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The following a list of all Farah Oersted units available in the beta release of Tales of Crestoria. The stats listed are all at max awakening and ascension.



Name Element Type Max Stats Arte 1 Arte 2 Skill
HP ATK DEF Power Hits Turns Power Hits Turns
Farah [Upbeat Battler] Earth Martial Arts 18,900 1,890 1,580 Lion against Healer No Problem!
200% 5 4 35% - 3
  • Normal Attack: deals 2 hits for 100% damage to one enemy
  • Arte 1: deals damage to one enemy with a 40% chance to inflict Debilitated for 2 turns
  • Arte 2: heals HP to one ally
  • Skill: heals 30% of max HP to Martial Arts-type allies after successfully inflicting Break on an enemy
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon

Memoria Stones

Name Rarity Element Type Stats Memoria Skill
Farah [Upbeat Battler] SR Earth Martial Arts 10,000 1,000 600 Torment IV (Martial Arts)
  • Memoria Skill: increases critical damage by 110% for Martial Arts-type characters
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon