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The following a list of all Gaius units available in the beta release of Tales of Crestoria. The stats listed are all at max awakening and ascension.



Name Element Type Max Stats Arte 1 Arte 2 Skill
HP ATK DEF Power Hits Turns Power Hits Turns
Gaius [Unassailable Pride] Fire Sword 13,800 2,170 1,870 Demonic Wrath Hadou Metsufu Guide to the Weak
150% 4 2 120% 14 5
  • Normal Attack: deals 2 hits for 100% damage to one enemy
  • Arte 1: deals damage to one enemy
  • Arte 2: deals damage to one enemy with a 100% chance to increase own ATK by 20% for 2 turns
  • Skill: increases ATK by 20% for Fire-elemental allies after a 20-hit combo
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon

Memoria Stones

Name Rarity Element Type Stats Memoria Skill
Gaius [Unassailable Pride] SR Fire Sword 10,600 600 960 Tech IV (Sword)
  • Memoria Skill: increases critical hit rate by 15% for Sword-type characters
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon