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The following a list of all Lailah units available in the beta release of Tales of Crestoria. The stats listed are all at max awakening and ascension.



Name Element Type Max Stats Arte 1 Arte 2 Skill
HP ATK DEF Power Hits Turns Power Hits Turns
Lailah [Wrapped in Flame] Fire Artes 15,400 1,660 2,290 Blaze Waltz Flare Vortex Pure and True
200% 3 4 130% 5 3
  • Normal Attack: deals 2 hits for 100% damage to one enemy
  • Arte 1: deals damage to one enemy with a 50% chance to inflict Burn for 2 turns
  • Arte 2: deals damage to enemies within range of target with a 30% chance to inflict Burn for 3 turns
  • Skill:
    • 4% chance to prevent status ailments for all allies
    • heals 12% of max HP to all Fire-elemental allies after successfully inflicting Break on an enemy
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon

Memoria Stones

Name Rarity Element Type Stats Memoria Skill
Lailah [Wrapped in Flame] SR Fire Artes 9,800 1,000 640 Resist Burn IV (Artes)
  • Memoria Skill: increases resistance to "Burn" by 100% for Artes-type characters
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon