Aselia Wiki

The following a list of all Leia Rolando units available in the beta release of Tales of Crestoria. The stats listed are all at max awakening and ascension.



Name Element Type Max Stats Arte 1 Arte 2 Skill
HP ATK DEF Power Hits Turns Power Hits Turns
Leia [Devoted Staff Striker] Earth Longstaff 17,800 1,880 1,760 Cure Soaring Blast Jovial Staff Wielder
45% - 4 210% 2 4
  • Normal Attack: deals 1 hit for 100% damage to one enemy
  • Arte 1: heals 45% of max HP to one ally
  • Arte 2: deals damage to one enemy
  • Skill:
    • heals 10% of max HP to all allies after successfully inflicting Break on an enemy
    • increases OL gauge by 5 for Earth-elemental allies after healing HP
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon

Memoria Stones

Name Rarity Element Type Stats Memoria Skill
Leia [Devoted Staff Striker] SR Earth Longstaff 6,000 1,000 1,000 Resist Down IV (Earth)
  • Memoria Skill: increases resistance to "Down" by 100% for Earth-elemental characters
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon