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The following a list of all Luke fon Fabre units available in the beta release of Tales of Crestoria. The stats listed are all at max awakening and ascension.



Name Element Type Max Stats Arte 1 Arte 2 Mystic Arte Skill
HP ATK DEF Power Hits Turns Power Hits Turns Power Hits OL
Luke [Shaken in the Wagon] Fire Sword 24,600 2,930 2,840 Burning Havoc Fang Blade Havoc Radiant Howl Nobleman Shut-in
140% 8 5 150% 4 2 240% 25 160
  • Normal Attack: deals 3 hits for 100% damage to one enemy
  • Arte 1: deals damage to enemies within range of target
  • Arte 2: deals damage to one enemy
  • Mystic Arte: deals damage to one enemy
  • Skill: increases max HP by 20% for Fire-elemental allies
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon

Memoria Stones

Name Rarity Element Type Stats Memoria Skill
Luke [Shaken in the Wagon] SSR Fire Sword 8,000 1,350 1,350 Weakness VI (Sword)
  • Memoria Skill: increases Break gauge decrease rate by 60% for Sword-type characters
  • Introduction: ???
  • Acquisition: Summon