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The following is list of allusions in Tales of Crestoria.

Tales Series

Tales of Phantasia
  • Cress Albane runs a Dojo in Dalchia, a reference to his father running a dojo in Toltus.
  • When Dhaos is defeated, he mutters "Sonna... Sonna bakana!" (「そんな... そんなばかな」?, "This... This can't be!"), mirroring his quote when first faced with Indignation.
Tales of Destiny
  • Leon Magnus is a knight captain of Kingdom of Medagal, similarly how he was a knight captain of Seinegald in his home game.
  • Three months before the start of the game Stahn Aileron became a Swordian, a sentient blade that first appears in Tales of Destiny.
  • Like in her game of origin, Chelsea Torn openly harbors a crush towards Garr Kelvin, of which he is well aware, but does his best to maintain a distance between them.
Tales of Eternia
  • Meredy arrives along with Quickie to the outer world in a ship that crashes in a forest.
Tales of Destiny 2
  • Similarly to his fate in the original game, Stahn is "struck down" by Barbatos Goetia during their first encounter.
  • Reala is on a journey to find a hero, like she did in her own game.
Tales of Symphonia
  • Alicia Combatir turns into a monster called an incarnation, similarly to her fate in Tales of Symphonia.
  • Colette Brunel is a Chosen on a Great Tree Pilgrimage where she travels to each of the four Great Trees to use her powers to "tune" the Trees. It is similar to her situation in her game of origin where she travels around the world unlocking seals while working towards the regeneration of the world. Furthermore the truth behind the journey in each title is much darker than what is known to the main party: in Tales of Crestoria it is to actually manipulate Great Trees to bestow their mana exlusively to elves as they see humans and half-elves as "inferior beings" that only bring destruction to the world.
Tales of Rebirth
  • During the events in the area of Nocheet, Kanata Hjuger and his companions come across Veigue Lungberg who is looking for bloodstones to heal his sick friend. In the original game, when Veigue's Force of Ice awakened, he incidentally encased his friend Claire Bennett in ice and attempted many times to rescue her from her prison, however without success.
Tales of Legendia
Tales of the Abyss
  • Luke fon Fabre is tricked into destroying Southvein by Senegal, who preyed on his naivety and desire to be treated as an adult. Van Grants did the same to him in Tales of the Abyss, leading to Akzeriuth's destruction.
  • In the past, Luke had a yet unnamed twin brother who was kidnapped as a baby, leading to his parents constantly coddling him. In his game of origin, the original Luke, Asch was abducted at the age of ten to create the replica Luke. When the replica was "recovered", Luke was confined within his own house, while the original became Asch.
  • Tear Grants left her world on a personal mission to stop a yet unnamed individual.
Tales of the Tempest
  • Rubia Natwick sets out on journey from her home to study and become a sanctess, just like her father, which is similar to her original appearance.
Tales of Innocence
  • Ange Serena holds the position of sanctess within sanctuary and help others, similarly how it was in her game of origin.
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
  • Due to being a subject experiment, Ratatosk was formed inside Emil Castagnier. In the original game, Ratatosk assumed a human formed named "Emil Castagnier" after his battle with Richter Abend.
Tales of Vesperia
  • Kanata and Misella first meet Raven in a prison, much like Yuri Lowell did.
  • The party barges into Rita Mordio's house in Nokana, in a similar manner to how Yuri and his companions did.
  • During the Limited Quest "Battle Katz! Klash of Pawz", Flynn Scifo is after a "rulebreaker". In his original game, he was often at odds with Yuri, a notorious rulebreaker.
  • If Estelle [Halloween Witch] and any Yuri unit are in the active party, Estelle will joke about turning Yuri into a newt. This is a callback to the skit from Quoi Woods where the two discuss the myth of the forest's "curse" where one can turn into a frog or a snake.
Tales of Graces
  • Near the Shelter, there is a place known as Brightblaze Hill where a particular type of flowers grows and is a special place to Kanata and Misella. In Tales of Graces, there is a flower-laden garden on Lhant Hill and is a special place to Asbel Lhant and Sophie.
  • Malik Caesar is an instructor in a knight academy, similarly how it was in his game of origin.
  • Like in her original game, Sophie is an ancient weapon known as "Protos Heis" that was constructed in ancient times, in Tales of Crestoria it was to fight against Kasque, however she went dormant at some point without fulfilling her task. In the present time after a chain of events, she is known as "Rainy" and meets Asbel who is on a guard mission regarding her, but things take a drastic turn and he starts to care for her. Eventually the two set up on the journey and to confuse their pursuers Asbel suggests that Rainy changes her name to "Sophie" as she has fascination with sopheria flowers, a proposition to which she happily agrees.
  • Richard's yet unnamed uncle starts a coup d'etat, and has assassins target his life, sending him on the run. In Graces, Richard's uncle Cedric does the same thing.
Tales of Xillia
  • Milla Maxwell travels across the world while slaying incarnations, saying it is her mission. This is a callback to Tales of Xillia where Milla was traveling across the world while destroying spyrix technology that threatened the life of spirits. Moreover she was once a candidate to become the world's god, referencing her status as Maxwell's decoy in her game.
  • Leia Rolando runs an inn at her hometown, similarly to how her family run one in Leronde.
  • Rowen J. Ilbert is Richard's subordinate. In his game of origin, he is Cline K. Sharil's butler.
  • The concept behind the Four Great Trees shielding the outer world from the decay that spreads in inner world is similar to the situation with the schism where it protects the lush Rieze Maxia from the decay in Elympios.
Tales of Xillia 2
  • Julius Will Kresnik is in the employ of Spirius Corporation, much like in his original game. He comes into opposition with Asbel over his employee's emotional attachment to Protos Heis and his resolve to protect her, much like it happened with his brother Ludger Will Kresnik and Elle Mel Marta in Tales of Xillia 2. Eventually, he temporarily lets them go while promising that the company will still hunt them down.
Tales of Zestiria
  • Alisha Diphda is the niece of the countess of Southvein, similarly to how she was a princess of Hyland in her original game. She follows Luke in order to seek truth about her town's destruction and a way to atone for her "sin" of leaving the town for her knight training, just like she followed Sorey during Tales of Zestiria where she wanted to help him in his fight against hellions and to help others resolving their conflicts in peaceful manner.
  • In the past when vision orbs were not a thing, it was a common occurence that when a transgressor harbored their sin for too long they were consumed by it and turned into a monster known as "incarnation". This is similar to hellions who are manifestations of large amounts of malevolence accumulated within oneself.
  • Shepherds are part of the lore, with Sorey currently being in the middle of his Shepherd training that he does with Mikleo's help.
  • Similarly to Tales of Zestiria, seraphim cannot be perceived by people with low resonance.
  • Opposite to her game of origin, Edna is cursed with bad luck.
  • Lailah guards a sacred sword in lake ruins waiting for Shepherd to arrive, similarly to how it was in Tales of Zestiria where she waited for appropiate person in Ladylake, a city built on water.
Tales of Berseria
  • Velvet Crowe is traveling across the world while slaying incarnations in order to exact her revenge on Milla who killed her brother, Laphicet Crowe. In her game of origin, she traveled across Midgand slaying daemons with the aim of killing Artorius Collbrande who killed her brother.
  • The reason why humans can transform into an incarnation, when they have no vision orb, is said to be due to a curse imposed on the world. In Tales of Berseria, it is stated that seraphim put a curse that on malevolence-prone humans and seraphim who decided to live with them to prove that coexistence between the two is impossible with the curse transforming humans and seraphim consumed by malevolence into daemons.
  • Eleanor Hume's story parallels with that from her game of origin: she is a member of the Order of Knights loyal to the Kingdom. However as she witnesses first-hand the corruption of the King and his servants, she betrays them and aids Kanata's group in their endevours.
  • Opposite to his game of origin, Eizen is blessed with good fortune.
  • One of Magilou's victory quotes is "Eeny, teeny, spiny crow! Which way, witch weigh, shall we go?" This is a direct quote spoken from her game of origin.
  • If Cress and any Rokurou Rangetsu unit are in the active party, Rokurou will mention that he does ten thousand practice swings a day. In his game of origin, there is a skit where Rokurou mentions doing ten thousand practice swings a day.
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology series
  • Three of the four Great Trees are named after Kanonnos: Great Pasca Tree, Great Earhart Tree, and Great Grassvalley Tree.