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The following is a list of boots in Tales of Eternia.

Icon Accessory Name Elemental Attributes Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Rune Bottle Acquisition Method
Elven Boots (ToE) Elven Boots
- - 8000 -

Chest: Chambard
Drop: Grappler

  • increases movement speed in battle by 20%
Watercloud (ToE) Watercloud
(Water Spider)
Water - 10000 -

Chest: Chat's Hut
Steal: Siren

  • reduces damage from water-elemental attacks by 50%
Jet Boots (ToE) Jet Boots
- - 12000 -

Chest: Glimmer Spire

  • Evade +8
  • Defense +5
  • increases movement speed in battle by 50%
  • grants the Ishtar effect[1] when equipped with the other pieces of Druaga equipment
Persha Boots (ToE) Persha Boots
Persia Boots
(Persian Boots)
All - 38000 -

Event: Nereid's Labyrinth

  • reduces all damage by 30%


  1. When equipped with every article of Druaga equipment (Excalibur, Blue Shield, Golden Helm, Golden Armor, Hyper Gauntlet, and Jet Boots), Reid is granted the Ishtar effect, which periodically restores a portion of his max HP and TP, grants him immunity to all status ailments, increases his attack and defense slightly, and causes him to glow.