The following is a list of helmets in Tales of Eternia, organized in order of ascending Defense value. Reid Hershel and Max can equip helmets.

Icon Armor Name Defense Evade Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
Leather Helm (ToE).gif Leather Helm
1 0 240 120

Shop: Rasheans

Iron Helm (ToE).gif Iron Helm
Iron Sallet
3 0 - 500

Chest: Morle Backwoods

Ahmet Helm (ToE).gif Ahmet Helm
Armet Helm
5 0 1440 720

Shop: Barole

Cross Helm (ToE).gif Cross Helm
10 0 3600 1800

Shop: Chambard

Duel Helm (ToE).gif Duel Helm
14 0 5000 2500

Shop: Imen

Mythril Helm (ToE).gif Mythril Helm
18 0 - 4200

Chest: Chat's Hut

  • Intelligence +2
Rare Helm (ToE).gif Rare Helm
20 0 - 8000

Auction: 5620 Jini

  • Prevents paralysis
Golden Helm (ToE).gif Golden Helm
24 5 - 22000

Chest: Farlos Sanctuary

  • grants the Ishtar effect[1] when equipped with the other pieces of Druaga equipment
Star Helm (ToE).gif Star Helm
28 3 - 32000

Subevent: Nereid's Labyrinth, third floor

  • Luck +2


  1. When equipped with every article of Druaga equipment (Excalibur, Blue Shield, Golden Helm, Golden Armor, Hyper Gauntlet, and Jet Boots), Reid is granted the Ishtar effect, which periodically restores a portion of his HP and TP, grants him immunity to all status disorders, boosts his attack and defense slightly, and causes him to glow.


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