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Magic Carta (ToG)

Magic Carta cards in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Magic Carta (魔法カルタ Mahou Karuta?) cards are a series of hidden items in Tales of Graces that contain references to characters from other games in the Tales series, as well as notable quotes from the character.


The following is a list of all Magic Carta cards found in Tales of Graces. All elements that are exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of the game are highlighted with a gray background.

Name Character Initial Quote Secondary Quote Acquisition Method
110 117 Magic Carta No. 1
Mahou Carta No. 1
Stahn "Th-The sword spoke!" "How in the world can you speak?"

Shining Spot: East Lhant Highroad

111 118 Magic Carta No. 2
Mahou Carta No. 2
Rutee "Hey Atwight? I have something to ask you..." "It's about Leon."

Shining Spot: North Barona Road

112 119 Magic Carta No. 3
Mahou Carta No. 3
Philia "L-Look out!" "Philia Bomb!"

Shining Spot: West Lhant Road

113 120 Magic Carta No. 4
Mahou Carta No. 4
Garr "Allow me to disengage my limiter!" "I leave the you..."

Shining Spot: North Lhant Road

114 121 Magic Carta No. 5
Mahou Carta No. 5
Leon "I hail from the Kingdom of Seingald..." "My name is Leon Magnus."

Shining Spot: South Barona Highroad

115 122 Magic Carta No. 6
Mahou Carta No. 6
Chelsea "No way, I'm not lost!" "I was just hanging out with Keyaki and my other friends!"

Shining Spot: Gralesyde Highroad

116 123 Magic Carta No. 7
Mahou Carta No. 7
Mary "I'm alive, Dalis." "You saved my life twice."

Shining Spot: Old Grale Highroad

117 124 Magic Carta No. 8
Mahou Carta No. 8
Karyl "People call me "Blue Lightning"." "You can call me Karyl!"

Shining Spot: Strahta Craglands

118 125 Magic Carta No. 9
Mahou Carta No. 9
Bruiser "I am the champion!" "Hey, kid! I got next! Remember that!"

Shining Spot: Strahta Desert (East)

119 126 Magic Carta No. 10
Mahou Carta No. 10
Lilith "A ladle in my right hand, and a frying pan in my left!" "Arise! Wake the dead!"

Shining Spot: Strahta Desert (West)

120 127 Magic Carta No. 11
Mahou Carta No. 11
Dymlos "It's all right, Stahn..." "We've lived too long already."

Shining Spot: Strahta Desert (North)

121 128 Magic Carta No. 12
Mahou Carta No. 12
Atwight "I think I've fulfilled my promise to your mother." "Never change, okay Rutee?"

Shining Spot: Fendel Borderlands

122 129 Magic Carta No. 13
Mahou Carta No. 13
Igtenos "Glory to Phandaria!" "And long live Garr!"

Shining Spot: Fendel Mountain Pass

123 130 Magic Carta No. 14
Mahou Carta No. 14
Chaltier "You will always be my young master." "I will follow you, no matter what."

Shining Spot: Fendel Highlands

124 131 Magic Carta No. 15
Mahou Carta No. 15
Clemente "You'll be all right. You're a strong girl." "Take care of yourself, Philia."

Shining Spot: Mt. Zavhert

125 132 Magic Carta No. 16
Mahou Carta No. 16
Yuri "Intend to?" "I already have."

Event: Speak with the boy to the right of the research institute in Sable Izolle

126 133 Magic Carta No. 17
Mahou Carta No. 17
Estelle "The voices of corpses buried beneath the trees..." "creep up and lure us to our doom."

Shining Spot: Glacier Road

127 134 Magic Carta No. 18
Mahou Carta No. 18
Karol "Until you really think I'm a boss..." "I'll just do my part as a fellow member of Brave Vesperia."

Shining Spot: Untrodden Snowfield

128 135 Magic Carta No. 19
Mahou Carta No. 19
Rita "You thought you could win?" "Too bad!"

Event: Speak with the boy to the right of the research institute in Sable Izolle

129 136 Magic Carta No. 20
Mahou Carta No. 20
Raven "So this is the end, huh?" "Farewell, all my dear fans the world over."

Shining Spot: Uncharted Sandstretch

130 137 Magic Carta No. 21
Mahou Carta No. 21
Judith "This is the path I have chosen." "...Goodbye."

Shining Spot: Region 13

131 138 Magic Carta No. 22
Mahou Carta No. 22
Kyle "I want to be just like my dad!" "A great hero, just like him!"

Event: Speak with the maid behind Duke Dalen's manor in Gralesyde

132 139 Magic Carta No. 23
Mahou Carta No. 23
Loni "Don't attack when your spirit is low!" "You'll get knocked back!"

Event: Speak with the maid behind Duke Dalen's manor in Gralesyde

133 140 Magic Carta No. 24
Mahou Carta No. 24
Judas "Another nightmare..." "They always begin here, don't they, Chal?"

Event: Plant five seeds in the garden at Lhant

134 141 Magic Carta No. 25
Mahou Carta No. 25
Reala "Kyle? Kyyyyle!" "Hey! Over here!"

Drop: Reala (Zhonecage)

135 142 Magic Carta No. 26
Mahou Carta No. 26
Nanaly "I understood Lou better than anyone." "If nothing else, I'm sure of that."

Event: Speak with the maid behind Duke Dalen's manor in Gralesyde

136 143 Magic Carta No. 27
Mahou Carta No. 27
Harold "Always keep your rocket launcher ready to fire." "It's my motto!"

Event: Speak with the maid behind Duke Dalen's manor in Gralesyde

137 144 Magic Carta No. 28
Mahou Carta No. 28
Cress "We need magic to defeat Dhaos." "Would you help us, please?"

Shining Spot: Region 66

138 145 Magic Carta No. 29
Mahou Carta No. 29
Mint "I'm sure I heard my mother's voice!" "The voice that helped me pull through."

Chest: Lhant

139 146 Magic Carta No. 30
Mahou Carta No. 30
Arche "Hmph! Chester..." "I REALLY, REALLY HATE YOU!"

Chest: Barona

140 147 Magic Carta No. 31
Mahou Carta No. 31
Claus "Defeat Dhaos? Are you...serious?" "Hmph, that's quite a tall tale."

Chest: Gralesyde

141 148 Magic Carta No. 32
Mahou Carta No. 32
Suzu "I'm not going to cry." "A true ninja steels her heart against such emotions."

Chest: Oul Raye

142 149 Magic Carta No. 33
Mahou Carta No. 33
Chester "Cress...Did you know?" "Ami, she liked you."

Chest: Sable Izolle

143 150 Magic Carta No. 34
Mahou Carta No. 34
Lloyd "How can we go on a quest to regenerate the world..." "if we can't even save the people standing right in front of us?!"

Chest: Yu Liberte

144 151 Magic Carta No. 35
Mahou Carta No. 35
Colette "Hehe...thanks." "I'm glad I was able to live to this day."

Chest: Warrior's Roost

145 152 Magic Carta No. 36
Mahou Carta No. 36
Genis "You don't have to apologize, Lloyd." "I like you, as well as the people of Iselia."

Chest: Velanik

146 153 Magic Carta No. 37
Mahou Carta No. 37
Raine "Lloyd Irving, wake up!" "Lloyd!"

Chest: Zavhert

147 154 Magic Carta No. 38
Mahou Carta No. 38
Sheena "The people of Mizuho were chased from this land." "We all live in hiding."

Chest: Amarcian Enclave

148 155 Magic Carta No. 39
Mahou Carta No. 39
Kratos "Hmph...and I thought I'd finally earned the right to die." "But you're as softhearted as ever."

Chest: Telos Astue

149 156 Magic Carta No. 40
Mahou Carta No. 40
Zelos "Now, now, settle down, my darling hunnies!" "Hi there, my little cool beauty, are you hurt?"

Chest: Katz Korner

150 157 Magic Carta No. 41
Mahou Carta No. 41
Presea "Thank you for assisting me with my daddy's burial." "...I've been a great burden on you all."

Shop: Lhant (Rank 7)

151 158 Magic Carta No. 42
Mahou Carta No. 42
Regal "I swear upon my good name and these shackles that bind me..." "I shall not betray you."

Shop: Barona (Rank 9)

152 159 Magic Carta No. 43
Mahou Carta No. 43
Luke "I'm the ambassador!" "What I say goes! Understand?!"

Shop: Gralesyde (Rank 6)

153 160 Magic Carta No. 44
Mahou Carta No. 44
Guy "My sword cuts all!" "Enter the amazing Guy!"

Shop: Oul Raye (Rank 7)

154 161 Magic Carta No. 45
Mahou Carta No. 45
Tear "I didn't expect you to be a Seventh Fonist, too." "That was careless of me."

Shop: Sable Izolle (Rank 10)

155 162 Magic Carta No. 46
Mahou Carta No. 46
Anise "Oh, no! Ion!" "The Commandant's in danger!"

Shop: Yu Liberte (Rank 9)

156 163 Magic Carta No. 47
Mahou Carta No. 47
Jade "My apologies. I'd forgotten the young master here..." "hasn't a clue about the world around him."

Shop: Velanik (Rank 6)

157 164 Magic Carta No. 48
Mahou Carta No. 48
Natalia "Asch! Stop!" "You're making no sense!"

Shop: Zavhert (Rank 10)

158 165 Magic Carta No. 49
Mahou Carta No. 49
Emil "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." "Courage is what helped me make true friends."

Shop: Amarcian Enclave (Rank 2)

159 166 Magic Carta No. 50
Mahou Carta No. 50
Marta "Are you gonna fight with me or run?" "C'mon. You're a man. Speak up!"

Shop: Telos Astue (Rank 4)

xxx 167 Magic Carta No. 51[1]
Mahou Carta No. 51
Reid "There are people I love that live in this world." "I'm not letting them die!"

Chest: Lastalia Shaft

xxx 168 Magic Carta No. 52[1]
Mahou Carta No. 52
Farah "Maybe we can become heroes!" "Yeah, no problem!"

Chest: Lastalia Shaft

xxx 169 Magic Carta No. 53[1]
Mahou Carta No. 53
Chat "Will you become my deck hands?" "Not subordinates, but deckhands. And you will address me as captain!"

Chest: Lastalia Shaft

xxx 170 Magic Carta No. 54[1]
Mahou Carta No. 54
Max "She doesn't like pickles on her burgers." "She's kind of...well, you know."

Chest: Lastalia Shaft

xxx 171 Magic Carta No. 55[1]
Mahou Carta No. 55
Keele "What kind of technology does Celestia possess?" "What exactly is that stone attached to your forehead?"

Chest: Fodra's Core

xxx 172 Magic Carta No. 56[1]
Mahou Carta No. 56
Meredy "You saved Meredy and Quickie." "Thank you."

Chest: Fodra's Core

xxx 173 Magic Carta No. 57[1]
Mahou Carta No. 57
Ruca "It was probably just luck." "I've...never been in a fight before."

Chest: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage and Legacies)

xxx 174 Magic Carta No. 58[1]
Mahou Carta No. 58
Illia "What the heck are you doing?!" "Are you an enemy or a friend?!"

Shining Spot: Oul Raye (After visiting Fodra's Core)

xxx 175 Magic Carta No. 59[1]
Mahou Carta No. 59
Spada "What's up with you?" "You start talking to me and then just go quiet?"

Chest: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage and Legacies)

xxx 176 Magic Carta No. 60[1]
Mahou Carta No. 60
Ange "Oh my! Then this meeting must be fate." "I myself am Ange Serena."

Chest: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage and Legacies)

xxx 177 Magic Carta No. 61[1]
Mahou Carta No. 61
Ricardo "Kids again?" "Since when did battlefields turn into playgrounds?"

Chest: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage and Legacies)

xxx 178 Magic Carta No. 62[1]
Mahou Carta No. 62
Hermana "Don't worry 'bout it. From now on, eat yer fill, 'kay?" "Imma work hard to keep ya fed."

Chest: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage and Legacies)

xxx 179 Magic Carta No. 63[1]
Mahou Carta No. 63
Shing "A guy who can't even make the girl in front of him smile?" "Someone like that could never save the world."

Inn Request: Lhant

xxx 180 Magic Carta No. 64[1]
Mahou Carta No. 64
Amber "Yes. I believe you." "A bad person couldn't use a Soma anyway."

Drop: Amber (Zhonecage)

xxx 181 Magic Carta No. 65[1]
Mahou Carta No. 65
Jadeite "Listen up. You lay one finger on my sister..." "and you're dead."

Inn Request: Barona

xxx 182 Magic Carta No. 66[1]
Mahou Carta No. 66
Beryl "Shut up! Just shut up!" "I don't trust anyone!"

Inn Request: Gralesyde

xxx 183 Magic Carta No. 67[1]
Mahou Carta No. 67
Innes "Oh? A well-endowed beauty, you say?" "I get that all the time~!"

Inn Request: Oul Raye

xxx 184 Magic Carta No. 68[1]
Mahou Carta No. 68
Kunzite "The unique identification code my master gave me is..." "Kunzite."

Inn Request: Sable Izolle

xxx 185 Magic Carta No. 69[1]
Mahou Carta No. 69
Veigue "All that matters is that Claire is safe." "I don't care if I die myself."

Event: Complete the Master Class in Warrior's Roost (Main Storyline)

xxx 186 Magic Carta No. 70[1]
Mahou Carta No. 70
Mao "The past isn't important." "The future is!... Heh heh."

Chest: Gustworks Ruins

xxx 187 Magic Carta No. 71[1]
Mahou Carta No. 71
Eugene "I have seen many Force adepts in my day..." "You have potential."

Chest: Gustworks Ruins

xxx 188 Magic Carta No. 72[1]
Mahou Carta No. 72
Annie "Life doesn't have any one color." "That's the truth that I've learned."

Chest: Gustworks Ruins

xxx 189 Magic Carta No. 73[1]
Mahou Carta No. 73
Tytree "Wow, sweet! That's five stars right there!" "Did you know about the mushrooms?"

Event: Show 80 Carta cards to the man in the port at Zavhert

xxx 190 Magic Carta No. 74[1]
Mahou Carta No. 74
Hilda "I will overcome..." "I will overcome myself!"

Chest: Gustworks Ruins

xxx 191 Magic Carta No. 75[1]
Mahou Carta No. 75
Senel "If she wants to hurt something we care about..." "Then we won't show her any mercy."

Chest: Eleth Research Laboratory

俺達の大切なものを傷つける気なら、 許しはしない。
xxx 192 Magic Carta No. 76[1]
Mahou Carta No. 76
Will "My real occupation is that of a natural historian." "I never claimed to be a sheriff."

Chest: Eleth Research Laboratory

xxx 193 Magic Carta No. 77[1]
Mahou Carta No. 77
Chloe "It is my duty to help those in need." "I shall accompany you."

Chest: Eleth Research Laboratory

xxx 194 Magic Carta No. 78[1]
Mahou Carta No. 78
Norma "I have no doubt anymore, master!" "I won't run from the truth!"

Chest: Eleth Research Laboratory

xxx 195 Magic Carta No. 79[1]
Mahou Carta No. 79
Moses "This here's a job for a real man!" "Y'all leave it to me."

Chest: Arcadia Garden

xxx 196 Magic Carta No. 80[1]
Mahou Carta No. 80
Jay "I need to know. I can't stand it when there's something I don't know." "You know?"

Chest: Arcadia Garden

xxx 197 Magic Carta No. 81[1]
Mahou Carta No. 81
Grune "Oh, come now. Let's not worry about little things, okay?" "They're...little."

Chest: Arcadia Garden

xxx 198 Magic Carta No. 82[1]
Mahou Carta No. 82
Shirley "They have offered their hand.." "And I intend to accept it."

Chest: Arcadia Garden

xxx 199 Magic Carta No. 83[1]
Mahou Carta No. 83
Caius "Let's see..." "Well, it's edible...I think."

Inn Request: Yu Liberte

xxx 200 Magic Carta No. 84[1]
Mahou Carta No. 84
Rubia "Come onnnn, flavor!" "Dinner's ready!"

Inn Request: Warrior's Roost

xxx 201 Magic Carta No. 85[1]
Mahou Carta No. 85
Asch "If you're scared of killing..." "then throw away your sword!"

Inn Request: Velanik

xxx 202 Magic Carta No. 86[1]
Mahou Carta No. 86
Flynn "We need just laws laid down by the government..." "to ensure that people can live lives of stability and peace."

Inn Request: Zavhert

xxx 203 Magic Carta No. 87[1]
Mahou Carta No. 87
Repede "Grrrr..." "Woof! WOOF! WOOF!"

Inn Request: Amarcian Enclave

xxx 204 Magic Carta No. 88[1]
Mahou Carta No. 88
Patty "A villain like him? Pah!" "He deserves at least this much!"

Inn Request: Telos Astue

xxx 205 Magic Carta No. 89[1]
Mahou Carta No. 89
Dio "Come on, it'll be fine!" "It'll work out somehow!"

Inn Request: Katz Korner

xxx 206 Magic Carta No. 90[1]
Mahou Carta No. 90
Mell "How many times have we told you?" "It's dangerous to leave the house"

Inn Request: Katz Korner


The following is a list of rewards that can be obtained from collecting Magic Carta cards by speaking to a man in the port at Zavhert. All rewards beyond 50 cards are exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of the game and highlighted with a gray background.

# of Cards Required
05 Grape Gel x3
10 Mastery Tonic C
20 Mastery Tonic EX
30 Carta Collector title (Asbel)
40 Lost Anklet
50 Mastery Tonic G
60 Symphonian Scepter
70 Rebirth Crusader
80 Magic Carta No. 73 (Tytree)
90 Mastery Tonic G x3