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Accelerate Mode, shortened to Accel Mode (アクセルモード Akuserumoodo?), is a feature added to Tales of Graces ƒ.


The ability to use Accelerate Mode is obtained from the "Accel" skill, which also adds the Accelerate Gauge above the character's portrait. Accelerate Mode is activated by pressing the PlayStation R2 Button.png button when the gauge is filled to at least 50%. What occurs during each character's Accelerate Mode differs based on that character's abilities, but when entering Accelerate Mode, HP is recovered, CC is restored to maximum, and all status ailments are cured. If a character is casting a spell before Accelerate Mode is used, the spell is cast instantly upon its activation, canceling the required spellcasting duration for that spell only.

Accelerate Mode also allows characters to use new mystic artes, known as "Accel Finalities", one per character, if it has been obtained through the title mastery skills. If the gauge is at 100%, indicated by the word "MAX", when Accelerate Mode is activated, the player can press PlayStation L1 Button.png to perform the Accel Finality. If the target is in a combo, the Accel Finality can be activated any time before the combo ends, regardless of Accelerate Gauge levels.

The Accelerate Mode abilities are:

Ability Name User Effects
Spiral Surge
Accel Force
Asbel Lhant
  • summons a dark flame that orbits Asbel and deals damage to all enemies within range
Ex Boost
High Boost
  • envelops Sophie in light that increases HP and CC recovery rate and deals damage with the Front Step action
Arrow Squall
Arrow Rain
Hubert Oswell
  • rains arrows over all enemies in range around Hubert
Temporal Rift
Freeze Time
Cheria Barnes
  • stops time for all enemies in battle with Cheria
Arcane Vigor
High Spell
  • enhances Richard's spellcasting by halving the casting and recovery time for his spells
Harsh Lesson
Grapple Dance
Malik Caesar
  • performs a series of kicks that provides Malik with damage immunity
Runic Shield
Round Shield
  • creates a glyph beneath Pascal that reduces damage and prevents stagger within its boundaries