The following is a list of trophies in Tales of Hearts R. This game consists of 20 Bronze Trophies, 16 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy, for a total of 40 trophies at full completion.

Icon Trophy Name Trophy Type Description
Platinum Trophy (ToH-R) Master of Hearts
テイルズ オブ ハーツ R マスター
Platinum Proof of a perfect completion of Tales of Hearts R. Thanks for playing! Your love and dedication are hugely appreciated!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Counteractivist
Silver Bash, bang, pow! Your timing couldn't be more perfect! You don't fear enraged attacks—you welcome them with open arms!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Challenge Champ
Silver No matter what it takes, you'll rise to the challenge! It's high time you were rewarded for your go-getting attitude!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) 200-Hit Combo
Silver Hit after hit after hit after hit after hit! You lay it on so thick and fast, the enemy doesn't stand a chance!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Spiria Superior
Silver The strength of the bonds between us is the source of our greatest strength. Let the Spiria shine on!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Cross Chase Ace
Silver A band of companions working in perfect harmony, and connected by unbreakable bonds—bonds that go beyond mere individuals and out into the fabric of the universe itself.
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Chase Link Ace
Silver Come on! Just one more second! And another! And another! Your unflappable perseverance has finally paid off!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Boo!
Silver This award commemorates your uncanny ability to be taken unawares. You don't let the surprise grind your Spiria down, though—you thrive on it!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) M2K
Bronze Day after day, from the dawn's early light to the setting of the sun, you slayed every single beast that crossed your path. Looking back, it's hard to tell now if your epic journey of slaughter took forever or the twinkling of an eye.
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Max. Level Allstars
Silver Awarded for training every character up to achieve their maximum potential. From here on out, it's just about learning how best to put that potential into practice!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Monster Collector
Silver You have sought out creatures of all shapes and sizes and diligently recorded their every detail. It's high time your monstrous menagerie was appreciated in all its gory glory!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Item Hoarder
Silver Your fine eye for a fine item has led to your being awarded this momentous accolade. You've experienced every effect the various objects of the world have to offer, and bathed in their beauty to your heart's content!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Marker Marker
Silver You've tracked down every item marker out there, no matter how well-hidden. Is there nothing in this world you can't find?
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Globetrotter
Bronze You've seen every inch of the whole wide world with your own two eyes, and this award proves it. It's a big old place out there, but as you now know, there's nothing to fear.
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Maestrochef
Silver You've spent more time in the kitchen than the Wonder Chef himself! He must be over the moon to have such a dedicated pupil as you! Maybe you'll be as buff as him one day, too!
Gold Trophy (ToH-R) Namcoin Classic Collection
Gold You've collected every single Namcoin out there. Citrine is so happy she could die! Just don't go losing them before you hand them over to her, you hear?
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Balloonatic
Bronze You've popped more balloons than there are stars in the sky! You're a stone-cold, certifiable balloonatic!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Arena Cleaner
Silver Congratulations! You've sliced and diced your way through the arena, both alone and with a party by your side! This glorious achievement will surely stand unchallenged for millennia! Oh, uh. Don't look now, but that guy's staring at you kind of angrily.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over the Grim Keeper
Bronze This hateful being likes nothing more than to watch his faithful scythe swing about the place causing mayhem. If Gall hadn't showed up just in the nick of time, he may have stopped Kor and co. at the very first hurdle.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Chalcedony
Bronze This nasty bundle of bowl-haircutted bad attitude has a Soma that lets him fly around in the air. He'd better give that piece of Kohaku's Spiria Core back, or he'll be sorry!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Amethyst
Bronze This supposedly world-famous hero would have you believe that you defeated him more through luck than anything else, but you know the real story.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over the Sandworm
Bronze This self-satisfied slitherer was probably so full of beans as he wriggled his way beneath the sands because he'd swallowed a shard of unadulterated joy.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Chalcedony's Crew
Bronze A pitched battle filled with fierce Soma-on-Soma action has finally drawn to a close and we won!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Chlorseraph
Bronze This ultimate mechanoid warrior was armed with an enormous green sword. Your defeat of him is proof that if you work together, you can overcome even the most insanely powerful opponents.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Xeromized Striegov
Bronze This unseemly character claimed to be a person of refinement, but proved that he would go to any lengths to satisfy his ugly appetites.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over the Seraphim
Bronze Chlorseraph of the green blade, and Clinoseraph of the blue shield—seraphic siblings whose awe-inspiring twin attacks had to be seen to be believed.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Incarose Alt
Bronze Though she combined the arms and speed of Chlorseraph with the armor and power of Clinoseraph, she was ultimately alone, and unable to call on a power higher than her own.
Gold Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Creed
Gold He fought a bitter battle over two long millennia to save the one he loved and the world of Minera from whence he came. But when the moment of his end finally arrived, it was thanks to him that Kor was able to connect with the very first Spiria of all.
Gold Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Faldealmeus
Gold Though you suffered greatly at the hands of this gargantuan gatekeeper with his massive firepower and wide-ranging attacks, it only served to make the battle all the more of an exciting challenge, didn't it?
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Manic Clearance
Silver Congratulations! Not many people manage a clearance at the Manic difficulty level! The only thing left for you now is to take a plunge into the Unknown.
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Unknown Clearance
Silver Congratulations! You cleared the game at Unknown—the most hardcore difficulty level of all! There's not an enemy out there you can't take to pieces with ease!
Silver Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Hubert and Pascal
Silver This curious duo took to the field in their cute costumes and showed that they were more than just a pair of comedians.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Kohaku
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kor and Kohaku, adding unassailable courage to the already formidable arsenal of spiritual weapons at our fair heroine's disposal.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Beryl
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kor and Beryl. The sight of somebody single-mindedly chasing their dream is enough to spur anybody on. May her dreams of artistic greatness come true!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Kor and Chalcedony
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kor and Chalcedony. Over the course of their many battles, both against one another and by each other's sides, they have learned an enormous amount. May the friendship between these brothers in arms last a thousand years!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Kohaku and Hisui
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between the Hearts siblings. He may be a loudmouth, but it's all born of love, and why can't a big brother love his little sister more than anybody else?
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Kohaku and Beryl
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kohaku and Beryl. Want to see how powerful the ties of friendship can really be? Better hold on to your hats—this is going to be explosive!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Ines and Gall
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Ines and Gall. The power of parental love pumps through both these fierce fighters' veins like an unstoppable force!
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Unbreakable Bond: Kunzite and Gall
Bronze This award stands as proof that you have forged an unbreakable bond between Kunzite and Gall. Just because he's a machine doesn't mean he can't have a Spiria, as anyone who has felt this mechanical warrior's warmth can attest.
Bronze Trophy (ToH-R) Victory over Silver
Bronze You took Soma in hand and fought with all your might to try and make one who spoke of an "ideal" world see sense. And it seems you succeeded.


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