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The following is a list of all guild quest options available in Tales of Innocence. Guild quests can be accepted in any location with a guild and nearby guild dungeon, and they are randomly generated in the same manner as guild dungeons. The difficulty of the quests depends on how high the rank is set, and quests can be completed to increase the rank.

Condition Objective
Rescue __________
  • find a person typically located at one of the dead ends of a dungeon
__________ Hunt
  • fight a powerful enemy at the end of a dungeon
Exterminate __________
  • fight a particular enemy for 10 battles
__________ Gathering
  • gather a particular item throughout a dungeon
__________ Delivery
  • deliver an item to a person at one of the dead ends of a dungeon
Find the __________
  • find a treasure at one of the dead ends of a dungeon
Test the __________
  • fight a number of battles with a particular item equipped
Escort __________
  • take a person to the entrance of a dungeon