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The following is a list of bosses in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon.

Boss Name
Arcana Card
Arche Sprite (ToP-ND) Arche Klein "The Magician" I
Sylph Sprite (ToP-ND) Sylph "The Lovers" VI
Efreet Sprite (ToP-ND) Efreet "Strength" XI
Undine Sprite (ToP-ND) Undine "Justice" VIII
Gnome Sprite (ToP-ND) Gnome "The Fool" 0
Maxwell Sprite (ToP-ND) Maxwell "The Hermit" IX
Gremlin's Lair Sprite (ToP-ND) Gremlin's Lair "The Tower" XVI
Aska Sprite (ToP-ND) Aska "The Sun" XIX
Luna Sprite (ToP-ND) Luna "The Moon" XVIII
Volt Sprite (ToP-ND) Volt "The Chariot" VII
Shadow Sprite (ToP-ND) Shadow "Temperance" XIV
Pluto Sprite (ToP-ND) Pluto "The Devil" XV
Origin Sprite (ToP-ND) Origin "The World" XXI
Flamberge Sprite (ToP-ND) Flamberge "The Priest" II
Fen Beast Sprite (ToP-ND) Fen Beast "The Pope" V
Ishrantu Sprite (ToP-ND) Ishrantu "Fortune" X
Justona Sprite (ToP-ND) Justona "The Hanged Man" XII
Big Eye Sprite (ToP-ND) Big Eye "Death" XIII
Dhaos Sprite (ToP-ND) Dhaos "The Star" XVII
Dios Sprite (ToP-ND) Dios Bandi "The Emperor" IV
Meltia Sprite (ToP-ND) Meltia Bandi "The Empress" III
Norn Sprite (ToP-ND) Norn "Judgment" XX
Druaga Sprite (ToP-ND) Druaga - -

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