The following is a list of boots found in the Game Boy Advance version of Tales of Phantasia, organized in "Collector's Book" order.

Rune Bottle
Purchase Price (Gald)
Resale Price (Gald)
Acquisition Method
Iron Boots
Heavy Boots
Jet Boots 1040 520

Past Shops: Venezia, Alvanista, Olive Village, Elf Colony, Midgards
Future Shops: Miguel, Euclid, Venezia, Alvanista, Olive Village, Arlee, Friezkiel
Future Chest: Lone Valley (Daemonium Area)
Drop: Iron Golem

  • decreases movement speed in battle by 20%
  • increases damage resistance
Elven Boots
- 4000 2000

Past Shops: Belladem, Euclid
Future Shop: Elf Colony
Past Chest: Treantwood
Future Chests: Dhaos's Castle, Ifreed's Treasure Hunt (mountain plains area north of the Valhalla Plains)

  • increases movement speed by 20%
Jet Boots
Iron Boots - 3550

Rune Bottle: Iron Boots

Persian Boots
Nightmare Boots - 2850

Future Chest: Dwarven Temple Entrance
Rune Bottle: Nightmare Boots

  • reduces all elemental damage received by 30%
Nightmare Boots
Persian Boots - 3550

Future Chest: Dwarven Temple Entrance
Rune Bottle: Persian Boots

  • increases battle movement speed by 50%
  • only Mint, Arche, and Suzu can equip this
Water Spider
- 8000 4000

Future Shop: Ninja Village

  • 50% chance of nullifying Water-elemental damage


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