The following is a list of dolls found in the Game Boy Advance version of Tales of Phantasia, organized in "Collector's Book" order.

Rune Bottle
Purchase Price (Gald)
Resale Price (Gald)
Acquisition Method
Reverse Doll
Rebirth Doll
- - 1000

Present Chest: Catacombs
Past Chests: Forest of Spirits, Demitel's Mansion, Treantwood
Future Chests: Mountain Passage, Lone Valley (Daemonium), Tower of Flames, Dhaos's Castle, Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels)
Event: Ifreed's Treasure Hunt
- small land near Venezia's eastern mountain range Drop: Druid

  • revives a fallen character when equipped
  • one-time use only
Sephira +1 - 10000

Event: Ifreed's Treasure Hunt
- north peninsula near Arlee

  • increases Gald earned in battle by 50%
Sephira +1
Blue Sephira
- - 5000

Rune Bottle: Sephira

  • increases Gald earned in battle by 100%


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