The following is a list of other accessories found in the Game Boy Advance version of Tales of Phantasia, organized in "Collector's Book" order.

Rune Bottle
Purchase Price (Gald)
Resale Price (Gald)
Acquisition Method
- - -

Event: Sleep at Arlee's Inn after obtaining the Eternal Sword (Future)

  • provides 20 Defense and Luck
  • nullifies non-elemental magic
  • only Mint can equip this
Combo Command
- 400000 200000

Future Shop: Gheeth's Shop

  • enables "Manual" control on equipped character
  • allows Fighting Game-style controls to unleash artes
  • only Cress, Chester, and Suzu can equip this
Silver Mattock
Wall Break
- - 1000

Events: Beat the Mach Lad race in Alvanista (Future)
Ifreed's Treasure Hunt
- island south of Alvanista

  • 50% chance of nullifying Earth-elemental damage
Magic Pouch
Mystic Pouch - 6000

Future Chest: Dhaos's Castle

  • enables random items to be obtained while in dungeons
Mystic Pouch
Magical Pouch
- - 9000

Event: Complete the Euclid Coliseum for the 7th time (Future) Rune Bottle: Magic Pouch

  • enables better items to be obtained while in dungeons
Copy Patch
Utsushimi Shippu
- - 500

Future Chest: Ninja Village

  • activates "Mirror Image" effect in battle when equipped


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